Keep or return...

  1. Okay, so I just got my black gst with gold hardware from Saks BH!

    So excited.

    But, now I am thinking that the 227 Black Reissue with Gold Hardware is really almost the same size as the GST, and I'm wondering if it's dumb to have two REEEEALLY similar chanels.

    so please! advise me about what you think I should keep: gst, reissue, or both?

  2. Both, both, both!! :woohoo:
  3. They are two different bags. If you have spare money , i will say keep them both.
  4. I say both too but if I had to pick one I'd go for the reissue.
  5. Oohhh both gorgeous bags, but I'd return the GST, personally. Especially if you think you'd use the reissue less because of the GST.
  6. I too want a back flap bag and a GST.

    my way of solving it is to buy a GST with gold hardware and a flap bag with silver.

    Don't know if that helped much. :shrugs:
  7. As long as $$ are not an issue, I would vote for "both" - similar in size but distinctly different and I think you would enjoy both. :yahoo: (Enablers, unite!)
  8. KEEP GST if you will use it more..I would personally.
  9. Don't mean to make it harder on you, because we're all giving you different opinions so you can't make up your mind :p , but I would keep the GST...Chanel makes all kinds of flap bags, and likelihood of them coming out with more fabulous flaps in the future that you may even like more than the reissue is very possible....Whereas the GST is what it is (and IMO it's pretty different than the reissue). I vote for the GST, of course unless like everyone else says, you can afford to get both!!
  10. They're totally different bags. If you can swing it, I'd keep both. Otherwise, if you can only keep one, I'd hold on to the reissue. You can always get a GST later.
  11. I vote for reissue!
  12. Yeah, they are totally different. But if you have to choose one.....dunno....
    If you are want to put things carelessly, GST.
    If you don't really carry much in your bag, Reissue.
    I love my reissue, but I always distribute my stuff evenly in a bag. I can't just throw things in when I use Reissue.
  13. Agreed!
  14. Both!! :smile:
  15. they are different enough to keep both, imho.
    but if you could only keep one, i'd definitely keep the reissue.