Keep or Return? YSL Sunglasses on clearance

  1. I have 30 days to decide whether I should keep or return YSL sunglasses. I got them from Marshalls for $30.

    Please help me decide. :yes:
    See pics (from eBay where someone is selling similar ones):
    ysl sunnies.jpg yslsunnies1.jpg
  2. $30??? I'd sure keep them! They seem sort of retro and the color is cool:smile:
  3. Cute! Keep them.
  4. my opinion is Keep them.
  5. model please
  6. i would definitly keep them, they were only 30 bucks!
  7. $30 OMG of course you should keep them! That is awesome... as long as they look good on you, without a doubt, hang on to those.
  8. just because it's 30 doesn't mean you should keep it if you don't love it return it. The 30 bucks can go towards you really want and love :yes:
    IMO i don't like it even if it was only 30

  9. :confused1:
    ...I know, that's why I said if only they look good on her, she should keep them. Personally, I think they look cute, but it's a given that if a person does not like something, she should not keep it. It would help if we could see some modeling pictures of them, too. :smile:
  10. $30, wow, what a deal! If you love them, then keep them.
  11. Thanks for the advice, all! I do like them but I worry that I have my sale goggles on and only like them because of the deal.

    I will try to post photos tomorrow when I put in my contacts. :smile:
  12. its 30 bucks! just get it! i never knew ysl sunglasses were so cheap...
  13. What a great value! If you don't want it, give it to a friend as a gift.
  14. DEFINITELY A KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  15. love the colour keep them