Keep or return white classics?!?!?

  1. Back in October before the Nov 1st price increase, I ordered classic bags like mad. The only two I ordered that I havent used are the white jumbo caviar with silver hardware and the medium caviar with silver hardware and a matching small caviar matching wallet. They are still sitting in the box with original tags and stuffing still in tact.

    I have never owned a white purse before - I have a Marc Jacobs mini ivory which I have used the past three years on occassion.

    So I am wondering, should I keep the bags and the wallet or return them? I really didn't plan to use them until the spring/summer anyway (it's very seasonal where I live - we just got snow again yesterday) - but now I am wondering - will I ever use them at all? (I work full-time and in the past I have used black bags year round)

    Do those of you who have the white classics use them in the spring/summer or year round? I know they are cav should it shouldn't be that hard to take care of, but the white worries me to as far as using it as an everyday bag... unless I use them while on vacation or for nights out... (but they are gorgeous bags)

    What do you think I should do? If I were to return them, and not get the S/S '08 purse I've been waitlisted for, then I could easily afford my HG bag - a Kelly!! (Could never have dreamed to spend so much money on a bag before) Or would it be better to keep the whites in my collection? Ahhh.... opinions, thoughts are needed.

    (For the record from I have one red, one brown and eight black chanels)

    Sorry for the long post, I have been so indesicive about this for a while now....
  2. Tough one...the white classic flaps are so pretty. I am actually waiting to get one myself and I want a jumbo! As that being said, I would definitely keep the jumbo and return the rest.
  3. Why don't you keep the one you think you would use more, and return the other. I don't think i'd use it everyday, though.
  4. Agree on keeping one of the whites. I, too, bought a white classic just before the price hike and haven't used it due to the onset of fall/winter. I know come spring that baby is coming out of the box and getting carried a lot. There's nothing like a white bag come spring/summer!!
  5. I 'd suggest too ,to keep one of them:if you think you can use a white all day round keep the jumbo if you're thinking you can use a white only as a night out/formal bag then keep the medium.!
  6. I agree with the others, keep one and return the other. I live where it's seasonal and I have 1 white flap from the luxury line. I usually carry this in spring/summer. GL with your decision! :smile:
  7. I would keep the jumbo. It is a little more versatile and it will be great in the spring and summer.
  8. I'm going to vote against the majority here and suggest you keep the medium size.. you can dress up or dress down a smaller size. If you use it mostly for nights out in the spring/summer or other special occasions -- less worries about keeping it clean as opposed to using it everyday.

    Good luck w/ whatever you decide!!
  9. I have the Jumbo, Medium and Clutch and love/use them but if YOU don't use them then its pontless keeping them just to have a white bag. So return them if YOU don't use them or think you will.
  10. I agree with Venusfly! I personally feel that if you don't use them at all, it's pointess to keep any of them just for the sake of having a white bag.

    For the record, I do have a white caviar jumbo with silver h/w which I love to bits. I live in Asia so the weather's pretty much the same all year round but even then I don't use it everyday for fear that the bag would discolour.

    Perhaps you could imagine how you would feel if you had let them go? Sad? Apathetic? Relieved? Happy? (Oh you should factor in the Kelly bag when imagining :p) Good luck!
  11. I'd keep them but if its to fund a Kelly, it would be definitely worth it.
  12. I agree. Since I prefer the jumbo for day use and am afraid of getting white dirty, I'd probably keep the medium and use it when it matches an outfit just right or for going out at night. However, if you have no need for such a bag, I'd return them and go for the Kelly. I'm always jealous of girls with white Chanels, I just know I'm too afraid to buy one!
  13. I personally would keep the White Jumbo. But if you don't see yourself using it enough to make it worth while, then you might as well return it or sell it on eBay. That way you can purchase a Kelly which will probably be used daily.
  14. Personally I think if you've been dreaming of a bag for awhile, I'd say go ahead and do what it takes to get it! I love the white classic myself, but if you aren't so in love with it that you've been wearing it all the time, then you can always go back and buy it at another time when you're ready.
  15. thank you everyone for your kind replies & thoughts.. it has helped me to make a decision - right now I am keeping both - maybe I am going thru the winter "blahs" ... but if s/s comes around & i find myself not using them, they will be sold

    thanks again!! you're all fabulous