Keep or return...Please help me look at pic!

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  1. 8BA5B37E-DF4E-4603-9DA8-22E145D61C9C.jpeg 5FA686D3-8F4A-42CB-A36A-3F1917484688.jpeg I just got a dauphine mm after being on the waitlist for a while. My boyfriend picked it up for me so I wasn’t in the store to inspect. When I opened it and looked I noticed the front hardware was missing the protective sticker and there was a spot on the inside flap that looked like it was damaged.. I don’t mind the protective sticker being peeled off already however the scruff on the inside is kind of bothering me. What do you guys think? Is it a big enough deal to return it.. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get another one.
  2. I wouldn’t return it for something as minor as that (in my opinion). In the end you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to go back on the waitlist or if you can live with it.

    I don’t think the scruff is going to affect the bag in any major way and after awhile you probably won’t even notice it.
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  3. If you started a thread cauz it bothers you return. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Good luck
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  4. That would bother me. It will probably get worse.
  5. I would return it.
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  6. This would be bother me. I would return.
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  7. No matter what any of us think, if you took the time to create a thread on TPF, I suggest that you simply return the bag.
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  8. Wouldn’t bother me but obviously seems to bother you. If you have to ask, return.
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  9. Wouldn’t bother me either but as others have said return it since it bothers you
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  10. Wouldn't and doesn't bother me as my Twist had similar indentations under the flap when I purchased it. You never see this part of the bag anyway and I'm sure my jewellery causes more marks reaching in and pulling things out. But you obviously are second guessing your purchase, so only you can decide.
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  11. Since it bothers you, I would ask for a repair if it is not available for exchange.
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  12. From the sounds of it you should return as it’s bothering you enough to think abt it
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  13. It would bother me considering it’s a brand new bag. Looks like the material has been rubbed or something. I can be picky considering the price of these bags but it depends on what. That would be something I’d tried to get exchanged as I wouldn’t want it to get worse over time with regular use. I’ve also kept a *gasp* misaligned key pouch so maybe my opinion is iffy haha.
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  14. Thanks for the input ladies!! I’m so indecisive. Will delete the thread now!!
  15. It looks like maybe something got on it and someone was rubbing the material. Apparently the person before you did this.

    Try and get another bag. If it’s hard to find, well it’s your decision. If you could live with it, do so. If not, return. Good luck.
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