Keep or Return: Pink Croc Mulberry Mini Zipped Bayswater


Sep 19, 2018
Hey, bag lovers.
I’m torn on whether this is gorgeous or gaudy. IMG_3139.JPG
I’ve wanted a Mulberry at some point and had my eye out for a bright colored bag for Spring. So when I saw this on sale, I thought I’d get it and see it in person to decide. But now I have it I can’t!! I love that it’s croc leather for long term hardiness. I love that it’s Raspberry Pink as I’m comfortable with pops of color. I love the bag design; but all together? [emoji23]

What do you think?

Only physical con I can say is strap is just as hard as the bags leather so it feels too stiff when left to hang and worn on the arm.


Sep 19, 2018
Isn’t it croc embossed? I like it but I don’t love it. Sounds like you really don’t love it. I’d return.

Croc embossed, yes! Not croc leather.
One of those moments where cuteness for the price make sense but I do wonder if that's clouding my judgement on whether I love it or not. I don't love it as much as a Chanel Jumbo for example but i would never get a Chanel in a bright color like this so..urgh. I will return if this feeling doesn't falter.

Thanks for feedback
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Oct 28, 2014
From what I’ve seen the croc embossed leathers can show signs of wear quite easily - and if so, scuffs and scratches are not easy to cover up with e.g. a coloured leather cream.

If you’re looking for a raspberry coloured bag in a more durable leather, anything in glossy goat will be lightweight but also very robust. Only available preloved or unused from resellers though, unfortunately - that leather was fabulous!

Good luck deciding x
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Nov 23, 2012
I saw this in John Lewis at the weekend. I think it’s gorgeous. I personally have never really liked the croc look but would definitely make an exception for this bag. That being said if you don’t think it’s right for you I would return it as it’s a lot of money to sit on a shelf.


Feb 9, 2016
i had croc embossed EW Bays at some point and it was gorgeous leather hardwearing, durable, not showing any signs of wear at all (sold it coz it was too small for me)
re Raspberry pink, well it depends on what colours you normally wear and that suit your lifestile.
I have a few pink bags, and just ordered one more, pink is a great pop of colour, and can be fun one with green, purple, or tamed almost neutral with grey, or white
see what you can wear it with in your wardrobe and then make a decision :smile:
Good luck! :flowers:
p.s. re something that is 'like but not love', i got a bag for my BDay that was not LOVE, or LUST, just 'like' and easy decision for my DH (he just said point at any bag), and now it's one of my most used ones and a big favourite! you never know how it will evolve, 'like' might grow into 'true love' (and the other way around!)


Mulberry Mad
Jun 24, 2017
I adore pink so really love it. The croc does make it quite shiny but I’m sure you can carry it off. I have a bright pink Coach Crosby quilted carryall which I use all summer. It looks good paired with jeans and a T-shirt plus bright flats or converse.

Have you decided? If you don’t love it you won’t get good use out of it.