Keep or Return? Pandora Pure Medium in Black.

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  1. I am so undecided. I got the Pandora Pure in medium in black and its gorgeous. I got it for 65% off, which is a great deal but I am iffy. I guess I am worried that its not a long term bag like for example the Gale or another more classic looking bag.

    I have a few more days to decide before I can't return it. I don't really see it mentioned too much here as most go with the more classic bags.

    Anyone have this and really gets a lot of use out it?? Was this bag discontinued? I no longer see it anywhere and they all went on sale lately...
  2. I love the traditional pandoras....but not crazy about the pure style, so I would recommend returning it. But that's just may personal preference, as it doesn't have the versatility or coolness of the normal pandoras.

    However, I think a few ladies here have them. Hopefully, they'll be able to give you first-hand experience to assist in your decision.

  3. What did you decide? I think it's a very nice, clean lines bag. I do think the medium is a good sized bag - may I ask how tall you are? You got black, which is great, so it's not like you caved on a sale for pistachio green, lol. If the big size works for you, I would keep it. If you have your heart set on a different bag, I would return it. Sometimes sales get the best of us. I have several bags that I paid full price on & I am trying to sell them - new with tags and still no luck! I thought they were investment pieces that I could easily sell if I no longer fancied them. I was wrong. I don't want you to experience what's happening to me with your Pure. Good luck with your decision.
  4. I returned it. I'm 5'3. It was just too big in that shape. And I never busted it out like I usually do with things I really like.

    I figured that was a sign if I hadn't even attempted to use it in almost a month.
  5. Im 5'4 and the small is perfect.
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