Keep or Return? Impulse or Destiny? Help me decide?


Keep or return my SHIH Abra Satchel?

  1. Keep it - it was destiny!

  2. Return it - must! not! give! in!

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  1. On a total whim I went to Loehmann's for some retail therapy during lunch (it's a bad day at work when you are disliking the one person you get along with!), and came across a bunch of SHIH by Stephanie Lin bags -- a few of which I have coveted for awhile!

    One of the bags I have been attracted to in Lucky and online is the Abra Satchel/Tote.... and I found one! (
    Actually... three! see note below) After fidgeting a bit, I got the large satchel in an espresso brown color, making sure it was returnable (in 14 days).

    So... was this a bad impulse buy? (My third $300ish bag in a month :/) Or was it destiny?

    Pros: the leather is beautiful. *sigh* the bag is roomy, has three external pockets and a suede lining (light grey).
    Cons: I pretty much never wear brown, but this color seems rich enough to work with black/grey. The strap can fit over my poufy coat, but not totally comfortably.
    I'm supposed to be saving up for a fall MBMJ, or a grey or blue bag I really love.

    The other SHIH bags I saw:
    A tote in an ivory color ($230), a small satchel ($250) and a larger satchel ($280), both in espresso brown. I had wanted the tote, but I can't do ivory, and this ivory was not in a pretty state IMO. Of course, I had to pick the priciest one. And forgot about that whole sales tax thing. OUCH! But when you get an Insider's Card, they take 10% off your purchase. :]
    satchel1.jpg 0220081402.jpg 0220081402b.JPG
  2. It's really nice and I am sure you have things to match brown. Keep it.......
  3. I really like that bag, but if you're doubting your purchase, you should probably return it and wait for the MBMJ bag that you love.
  4. You have two weeks to decide, so see if it grows on you.

    If I saw Shih bags on sale I would have to get one, but we each love what we love.
  5. Are you kidding me? I have been looking everywhere for Shihs on sale.
  6. That brown is beautiful! It would look awesome with jeans or grey or black for work attire.
  7. Ummm.... we are all enablers here:p. I say keep it. Everyone needs a brown bag. It's a great neutral and I like the style. :tup:
  8. i love it:smile:
  9. just keep it, life is too short.
  10. I was going to rush to my Loehmann's today and, darn, it, it shut down. I wanted these SHIHs. I am serious, I am on a SHIH hunt.
  11. I snuck out to Loehmann's this afternoon (Fairfax, VA) and not a Shih bag in sight.


    I was ready to buy a Reid in the bluish grey from the Shih site but it is sold out!
  12. I called the Houston Leohmann's and they don't ship. Sigh.