Keep or Return? Brand New $790 Outdoor Ligne Doctor Satchel


Should I keep or return this bag?

  1. Keep it! It's a GREAT bag, great Chanel ligne, and it's a GREAT deal!

  2. Return it! You will not be happy and there's better out there!

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  1. I am in such a dilemma!!! :s

    A very good SA sent me one of the last sale Chanel bag last week - an Outdoor Ligne Doctor Satchel (large size). Retail was $1975, knocked down to $790 (and no tax).

    My dilemma is whether to keep this bag or not because:

    1) I've been buying so much lately! Someone PLEASE stop me!! :upsidedown: LOL

    2) It's a strictly hand-held bag. Can barely wear it on the crook of my arm. I've never own any bag where I can't even wear on the crook of my arm! So I don't know if this will be one of my daily go-to bags. (I tend to switch bags around A LOT.)

    3) I don't know much about the Outdoor Ligne and don't know if it's a good bag to keep in terms of longevity, etc.

    Now, part of me wants to keep this because

    1) the leather is so FREAKING GORGEOUS (love the texture, love the smell, love the color!) :love:

    2) it's such a great deal!!!

    3) it holds a lot!

    4) I can bang this bag around (not that I would do this intentionally) and I won't freak out. i.e., it's a low maintenance bag for me

    5) I don't own any brown bags at the moment

    So what should I do? Keep or return? The SA is fine with what I do either way, so no pressure for me to keep this bag. It's all up to me!
  2. here are the pics of the bag and me modeling it. sorry for the dusty mirror and the mess behind me...
    chanelhelds.jpg chanelheld2s.jpg chanels.jpg
  3. If it's love at first sight, keep it. If not, keep your money in your pocket till the next bag you fall in love with comes along. Deal or not, it is still a lot of money when you are not sure if you're gonna use this in the end.
  4. It sounds like you're not loving it 1000%, so I'd return it. Plus, I don't like that it's STRICTLY handheld.
  5. gorgeous! i would keep you. when you get tired of carrying a hand-held bag, just switch...that's what i do.
  6. Oooh I think it is beautiful! But I agree..if you don't think you will use it I would probably send it back.
  7. you said it's strictly's a large bag so u could b temtped to put in a lot of gets heavy...u might wanna carry it on the shoulder.....
    I'd say keep the $790 for other Chanel!
  8. That's a nice bag but if your not loving it, its just going to sit in your closet. I've bought many things because they were a good deal and then I never used them. I try to buy things on sale only if I would pay retail for.
  9. If u aren't loving it, u shld return it and get something that u really like it instead soley just handcarry....:smile:
  10. It's really cute! If you don't love it you could def. sell it on eBay and make money on it to buy something else.
  11. Like you I prefer bags I can sling.....I do have handheld bags too but not such a large one.
    This bag looks gorgeous (and you look good carrying it) but...will you really use it?
    Don't keep it just because it's on sale. $790 can help fund a bag you really love.
  12. I love it. Especially with that price! I thought handheld was not comf. but since I have my speedy, I love handheld bags! It's really comfortable, esp. when it's heavy, it won't hurt your back like a shoulder bag after carrying it a while.
    But then again, you have to love it yourself too!

    Oh and btw, why not make or buy a detachable strap for it. You can attach it on opposite sides at the rings of the handles. I do this with my speedy when I absolutely want my hands free...
  13. The bag looks great on you, but you must feel comfortable carrying it (or it will just sit in your closet). Think about how and when you would carry it and what you would wear with it. If it can meet a wardrobe/occassion need that none of your other bags currently meet, then it is a keeper.

    Also, it is a great price. However as I always like to remind myself: Cheap is NOT free. The $790 could be put to use on something else (or just saved until the fall stuff comes out).
  14. Even though it's a very good price for Chanel but if it's not comfortable then it will be sitting in your closet collecting dust. I would return it and save money for another bag.
  15. I agree. It's hard to pass up something that's "a good deal", but if the bag just isn't right for you and you're not going to get much wear out of it, you're paying $790 for a closet decoration. That $790 is 30% to 50% of the cost of another chanel bag you'd wear 90% more so if you think of it in terms of price per wear, it's not even a good deal.