Keep or not?


Mar 31, 2019
I bought an Evelyne from the store in a light colour (Beton). I love light bags but I am paranoid about the canvas strap getting dirty and not being able to repair or replace it in the long term. I like a monochromatic look so going out and buying a multicoloured strap isn’t a good option for me. A leather strap is a good option for me because it’s easier to clean and I can swap out the two. My store does not carry Beton leather straps.

I am not much of a resale shopper but I happened to find the same colour in an etiquette strap in swift on the web. I have never resale shopped H but it’s in great condition. The only catch is it’s not 105 cm. It’s 85 cm which I can comfortably should carry but it’s a little short crossbody.

I am afraid I will regret it if I return it. Would you keep it or not?


Sep 2, 2006
It’s a perfect matching leather strap. I would keep it. If you have a Farandole bracelet, or another Hermes chain bracelet, maybe you can use that to add 6 or so inches to the length.

Or you could add length with a twilly, if it’s securely tied.
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elle woods

Jan 13, 2007
It is such a beautiful colour! The leather strap is a perfect match. Even if you do wear the canvas strap for crossbody purposes, you can just give it a once over after every wear to minimize any potential stains from sticking. I say keep it :smile:
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Apr 15, 2007
The color is really glorious.. I would keep it & keep your eye out for a longer strap that would
give you the crossbody option.
In the fall you may not want to wear this crossbody over a coat so this length strap may work out
better than you expect
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