Keep or not to Keep?

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  1. Picked up my Azur Speedy 30 yesterday and can't help but to reconsider my decision. It's such a cute bag and highly desired, but for some reason I feel gulity for purchasing it since I just got a BH last week. At the same time, I don't know if the 30 is the size for me. It looks sorta big. (I'm 5'6", med built). Please tell me the pros and cons about the Azur Speedy 30. :s
  2. Azur is sooo lovely!! Keep it keep it!! I know what you mean about the size looking bigger though. The Azur 30 looks much larger than the Damier 30. I guess the lighter color does that.... I'd still keep it though. I love bigger bags and I love the Azur.
  3. Keep it!
    I loved the Azur right from the beginning, but since I got mine, I used her only once. I loved looking at her, but everytime I thought I should use her, I put her back in the closet... :confused1:
    Took her out for shopping today (finally!) and really enjoyed it... such a gorgeous bag :love:
  4. I would keep it. Even though it's part of the permanent line they are having a difficult time with the canvas production and keeping up with the demand. You may not be able to get another one any time soon.
  5. Keep it, azur is so lovely!!
  6. I think we should be really excited about the purchases we make and if you're having doubts, maybe you'd be happier with another bag.
  7. I would keep it.
  8. as far as your build and height go I think the size is fine. I'm right around there and I have a 30 and it suits me just fine. I would keep it if I could "afford" to keep it, if not return it.
  9. Sizewise it is perfect for you, now it's just up to you whether or not you feel that it's within your budget to keep it...
  10. I would say keep it too. ;)
  11. I say keep it, I love my azur speedy. I have 25, but I think it's a perfect size for me since I'm a few inches shorter than you. 30 is probably best for you. Haven't had any problems with it so no cons from me.
  12. If you usually use the BH, I would say the 30 is the right size for you :smile:
  13. I'd say keep it.
    I was semi-shocked with the pattern, I thought the blue checks weren't dotted, and that was a turn off to find out that it's dotty..
    if that make's any sence.

    But now I regret buying one!
  14. Yeah I'd keep it for the time won't just be able to go into the store and get another one if you change your mind again.
  15. i am also 5'6" and ok, fine, medium build. more like M/L. i too have the 30 and worried it looked a little big on me. i have pics up in the thread i started about it last night. everyone seemed to say it looked right. i guess i'll have to get used to it. it's so hard to find i would keep it. i bought mine on tuesday and called today to see if the same store had another and they said no! it was that fast!