Keep or not to keep this is the question...???

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  1. I've slept over it two nights but am still torn what my ink day is concerned.:confused1:
    I love the style the leather is really soft but it's just not that purple (more subtle undertone) and it's really pretty distressed.

    It's hard because I fear I won't come over an ink day again that quickly. I don't want marine because I want the purple undertone.
    And I really don't want to loose money again...this is my second ink ...
    :sweatdrop: ???
  2. well, I love the ink day...but if you don't love it I wouldn't keep it. You can always hope to find another one more to your color liking....just might take some time. Don't settle!
  3. i agree with BPlaneT:smile: If it's not exactly the way you want it, don't settle! The way they change/recycle colors, you'll eventually get ahold of THE ONE:smile:
  4. I think it's gorgeous. The purple in most ink bags only shows in some those in the store ;o) I would keep it unless you find a really purple one to take its place.
  5. catcat, I agree with RockSteady... If you can afford keeping this one until you find the perfect one, I would just keep it. Did you get it from a store that you have to think about return policy?
  6. If you want purple, there is only eggplant. And I don't think they ever came in a Day.

  7. :yes:

  8. Actually I don't really like eggplant ,nobody :smash: me for this "blasphemy"!
    What I love about ink is the purpleundertone which is stronger in some of the bags.

    But it's actually really hard to capture in pics so you kind of need to trust the sellers appreciation and that's always a bit tricky since what is pretty purple to some does seem rather blue to others...
  9. catcat.. i am not sure <<execuse my short memory.. but werent u looking for either a city or day ink? if so.. then i'd say keep looking for a city.. and then let go of your day.. maybe u'll have a better luck with city? :rolleyes:

    incase i missed up.. and that wasnt you.. then i'd say.. hold on to it and keep an open eye for another one.. then if u find one let go of this one :yes:

    hope i made any sence! :sweatdrop:
  10. i think distressed leather is pretty..i'd say keep it :smile:
  11. hi cat - if you are still not sure after 2 days, perhaps try and sell it if you can. from my experience with day bags, i do find that the thicker leather compliments the style more than the distressed .. but if you like the distressed look then do keep it !

    just off topic, DH saw me carrying my ink box and he asked me why my bag was mouldy - he is clueless about distressed leathers and bbags !
  12. ^^ lol!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    p.s. if it's not love, you should sell it catcat :heart:
  13. You should love it the minute you set eyes on it. If not, it should go. :graucho: Make room for new INK?

  14. Yes I was looking for either or but actually I kind of like the day in ink maybe even better than the city, the color and style just really seem to click:yes:

    luna I don't know about that it actually took me a few days to really warm up to my camel city which has very thick leather...everybody else seemed more excited than me. Now I love her even if I still prefer the leather on RV or greige (thinner but softer)

    gingerale I guess I could try selling her and see what happens but I fear I will really regret it afterwards.

    :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: ...
  15. If you don't need the cash... I'd hold on to your ink day for a bit and see if it grows on you like how your camel did. Cuz you don't want to regret it after you sold it!