keep or not to keep? my new AC jet setter tote...

  1. okay, so i can't decide whether or not i should keep this, i made a pros/cons list but i want your ladies' help! tia
    and Q for those who have it: i carry a LOT, does this bag hurt your shoulders after carrying it around?

    ive been lemming this bag for a while, and i can finally stop looking!
    i got a good price for it (over 50% off)
    it can fit my school stuff so i can use it often
    ive been wanting a neutral (this is grey colored, supposedly), so i think this is good since i dont do whites, and i dont have any light color bags
    good for work, and for when i go to professional school

    leather isnt as luxe/great as i thought
    a bit too light compared to my other bags (may get dirty, but i would use leather protectant anyway)
    the lining is just fabric and doesnt seem all that great
    can't return, can only get store credit and i dont see anything i want to exchange for

  2. I like it and as you know one can never have too many bags. Hope you keep it and enjoy it.
  3. I like it. I just bought one in light blue and am pleased with mine.
  4. i used to want a jet setter tote...but after seeing your pics i think i would be just as dissapointed as you are. i wouldn't keep it unless you are absolutely in love with it. you won't end up using it if you don't love it
  5. hmm, based on my pics, how would you be disappointed? just want some perspective. tia!
  6. i've been wanting the jet setter jr. for awhile. i really like the color of the one you have, actually. i have a mini city and the fabric interior doesn't bother me at all - it's my throw around bag, so fabric interior = no worries about scratching up leather or dirtying suede. i think your bag would be perfect for work/school.

    is the leather glazed? if the black pebbled leather is available, i'd exchange it for that - according to a lot of the ladies on the forum, that's the best AC leather (softness, suppleness). hth!
  7. I was NOT impressed with the quality of her bags. I think there are nicer ones out there for the money. To me a light color is asking for trouble.
  8. i would return it, and save the store credit for something i love 100%. don't ever settle for anything, because it was on sale. remember there is always a reason for why things go on sale.;)
  9. mmmm! I like it just from the pics though. I think you should keep looks huge-licious to me, and summer is just around the corner for the color consideration.
  10. I like it and think the fabric inside is good because suede makes a bag feel so heavy even without your "stuff" in it. I find her bags light, durable, and convenient. JMO
  11. I would return it. I like this bag, and use one right now, but the color is too light for my tastes. In my experience, if you don't love it right away you may end up regretting the purchase.
  12. I like the bag and I'm actually looking for a gray bag so the color appeals to me too, but if you don't think you'll ever regret returning the bag then I say return it for the credit and wait for something you will love to use it on.
  13. well just imo but it looks like a big rectangle and it doesn't look like it's comfy on the shoulder? dunno

    I guess i'm just into more smooshy bags. if you like it then definitely keep it though!:yes:
  14. I like it though it seems awfully large to me. Id probably exchange for a different color though.
  15. If you aren't in love with it, I would return it. If there isn't anything that you want to exchange it for at the moment, just wait a few weeks or so and check on new stock :smile: