Keep or Not - Red Lambskin w/ Gold Hardware?

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  1. I need to decide as soon as possible. I just order the red lambskin flap in gold hardware on jemznjewels! I think it was such a good deal so I just had to get it but at the same time, I feel like lambskin might be hard to maintain and I'm not sure if I like gold hardware or silver hardware on the red more..will red flaps be coming out anytime soon? I know red is so hard to find!! Please help me decide asap (I want to make sure that I decide before they ship it out!) Thanks so much!! :heart:

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  2. Wait til you get it and see if you like it. Please post pics!
  3. I think silver hardware looks better with red, in my opinion.
  4. Yes i also love the combo in silver h/w....coz gold h/w looks really mature...:smile:
  5. I do prefer silver h/w on read bag, because it is lambskin it is delicate- but wont show up as much scrathes/ marks because the bag is red as opposed to a light colour
  6. just saw the picture of the bag on your other post, it's gorgeous! if you can, you should keep it! i think it's a really good deal on this bag. i didn't think i would like the gold with red as much as i did. :smile:
  7. [​IMG]

    ^Is that it?

    Anyhow, $1,550 is a fantastic deal. Although I would personally have preferred silver hardware, I think you'd regret passing up a Chanel flap for that "cheap". That same flap retails for about mid 2K's now since it's lambskin.

    Give that bag a home!
  8. I love it with the G/H! :heart:As I said on your other post many of us would snatch this bag in a minute! I think you'll love it too as soon as you see it plus the fantastic deal!:yes:
  9. It is gorgeous!!
  10. keep it, it's lovely!
  11. Personally, red with gold hardware would be too overwhelming, I prefer the silver hardware better. But if you really like the bag then you should keep it, like missisa said, $1,550 is an awesome deal.
  12. What a beautiful bag, I think you should keep it!
  13. i think you should keep it, it's very pretty and such a great price!
  14. Definitely a keeper! Congratulations--what a find!

    Lambskin does require more care and general watchfulness.My friend has the red lambskin e/w (w/gold HW too, and it's GORGEOUS). After going out one night discovered that the ink from her hand-stamp had transferred on the flap of the bag, a s though she had physically "stamped" the bag with the back of her hand! I don't think she was able to get it totally cleaned off.
  15. $1550! Wow, you can't afford NOT to keep it LOL! Like my mentality?