Keep or Not? High waisted plaid skirt

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  1. I bought this skirt at Zara over the weekend but I am not sure about it. It is definitely meant to be for Fall/Winter since it is thick.

    Can this skirt be worn with tights/pumps or knee high boots in the fall/winter?

    I also think that the pattern and texture might be a bit overwhelming?

    What do you think?? I'd love to hear your opinions!


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  2. I have mixed feelings about this one. I like the pattern, but I could see it being overwhelming, as well as not. I guess it just depends on choosing the right outfit to go with it. I think it can be worn with tights, pumps or knee high boots!
  3. It's cute! It'd look adorable with opaque black or gray tights, and a black turtleneck. With a red or fuschia trench-coat! :smile:
  4. I swear that I owned this skirt back about '88. Actually, I think it is cute and would work as Kristy suggested.
  5. Oh wow, what a beautiful piece. Reminds me of what Proenza did for Fall08.

    Very gorgeous. Definitely a keep! Wear it with a shirt with puffy sleeves, tights and booties. Very chic!
  6. I think it's cute! Love Zara.
  7. Thanks ladies! I think I will keep it since it was ONLY $59! I just have so many unworn clothes in my closet and I'm running outta room! lol
  8. i think its cute too.. just gotta find the right top and shoes.. and it would look awesome
  9. i think it looks great too..definitely need to find other pieces that complement it well!
  10. Love it! I have one of these too--not even winter heavy--and I still plan on wearing it through the winter
  11. I'm torn. I like the skirt (it's cute, I can see ideas for making it work) but at the same time I don't feel that I would wear it.

    Go with your gut.
  12. you cant tell much about clothing when its on a hanger. thats what I learned.

    only when its on. modeling pic?