keep or let it go??

  1. I have this bag with pink and white color.
    both are gorgeous.
    but i used it ... three-four time per year... hahahaha:crybaby:

    i better to keep it or go on eBay...

    it look gorgeous but sad to keep it in wardrobe

    Pls dnt misunderstand *** this thread is not selling *** need recommend
    DSC00221_resize.JPG DSC00230_resize.JPG
  2. i cnt make decision...
  3. Keep it, its cute.
  4. it's cute. keep it!
  5. I would keep it as it is quite rare the satin & the trim:heart:
  6. I would keep it! Take it out and enjoy her! A rare and beautiful piece.
  7. yup..keep it
  8. Keep it!!!

    (or if you don't...I know a good home!!!) :tup:
  9. I would keep it too...even if you didn't use it at all, it is far too pretty to sell! :love:
  10. :drool: KEEP IT!
  11. I second that. :p
  12. Such a pretty bag.You should keep it.
  13. Definitely keep it, it's beautiful and rare :heart:
  14. Keep it!!! It's gorgeous in the pink. I think it looks very classy...
  15. Oh please keep it! It's so cute and special!