Keep or let go?

  1. I am thinking of selling my first ever LV bag - Monogram Speedy 25.
    But just not sure whether I should really sell or keep it.
    Just that I'm not using her alot these days... because I prefer the Mini lin speedy.

    Any suggestions? Keep or sell?
  2. KEEP!! It is such a classic. You will come back to it.

    I will tell you a little story...

    Once Upon A Time I had a Speedy Mono 30. I didn't use her that much and thought I could live without her. I sold her on eBay to buy my BH. I dreamt of Speedy. I thought about her a lot. I went to LV recently and purchased her AGAIN! I have been carrying her ever since, and not taking her for granted.

    We are living happily ever after.

    The End.
  3. The 25 is so cute. And it was your first. I would keep it. My first was an Alma I hardly use, but I always know she's there when I want her. There was recently a thread about "Seller's Regret", check it out. Let us know what you decide.
  4. awww don't sell your mono speedy 25...
  5. keep it for a whiel longer...then if u did not used it for a few month...u can sell it..:tup:
  6. I have never had a speedy (ouhhh. my secret is out) but if I had it I wouldn't sell it.
  7. Keep it!! I gave away my mono speedy 30 and I miss it! Luckily, I gave it to my mom, so I'm able to borrow it every once in a while. :p
  8. My first was a 25. We never really bonded. I used it one last time, feelings didn't change and we parted ways. If the attraction is not there, first or not, find something you love.
  9. keep it!!
  10. i think you should keep it, esp since its your first one and its a speedy!!
  11. i was literally just saying the same thing to my soon to be hubby...and he says to me "are you crazy" hahah.... and i thought about it...its my 1st ever LV and its such a classic bag you will have forever and definatly keep it and enjoy it!!!
  12. I totally can understand all those of you who sold and regret.
    Which reminds me... Once, I gave her to my aunt thinking I could do without her.. but after a few months I wanted her back. Luckily my Aunt is NOT into bags so she didnt mind.

    You guys are probably right! maybe i should keep her... but my brother said it's too common and passe. :confused1:
  13. its definatly not passe...common maybe because its such a classic bag....its something in 20 years you can pull outta the closet and still wear and get compliments on!!!

    if you love it dont get rid of it (youll def end up regretting it)!
  14. i thought about selling one...or a few of my bags as well...but I just can't part with them! Especially since the Speedy 25 is such a classic...def. keep!
  15. Keep her she is a classic
    I know I could never sell one of my LV's...they are my babies