Keep or go??

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  1. Really love this bag.. it is so versatile but yet I really wanna get a lighter colour chanel...

    as you can see.. i got 3 out of my 5 chanels in black..

    Ladies.. what should i do?? Should I keep it or sell it??



  2. If you already have 3 black Chanel Bags, I'd let this one go!
  3. Nice bag. Many of my Chanel's are black, that color just works for me. But if you feel you really want a lighter color, get it. Only you know best what you will use. The leather seems to drape really nice in that photo of it being worn, really nice!:love:
  4. It's a keeper! So what if you have other black bags.
  5. go! just today i decided that one can have too many black bags! trying to decide which of mine i might want to get rid of! what lighter colored bags do you have your eye on?
  6. If you love the style keep it..if you are looking to enhance you wardrobe with a splash of color return it.
  7. I see it's already up for sale (either that or someone stole your pics- PM me). I would let it go too in favor of a lighter color.
  8. humm i actually dont know.... but really sick of having black black black and black bags in my wardrobe.. thinking maybe a blue one.. or a grey one... but then i already have a grey miu miu coffer.. so im really stuck.. also... with this bag.. sometimes i really love it.. and sometimes i really hate it.. hahahha.. cannot decide my feelings towards this particular bag...

    any suggestions what should i replace it with?
  9. I would let go this one and get the same or other style in beige.
  10. oh..... beige is a good idea... any suggestions for something good for traveling around with too?.. so not just a city bag but i can use it as well when i go for traveling? cos i find the flaps not very good when i want to travel with them
  11. I like the style- it looks very good on!
  12. Its is a different style from your other black bags but if you have 3 out of 5 bags that are black then I would also go for the lighter color! :yes:
  13. It looks gorgeous on you. I would say keep it.
  14. it looks so cute on you. i would keep it.
  15. I see no harm in having another black bag in a different design. In fact, this bag is such a cutie! The leather seems smooth and it's such a great modern black everyday bag. I think you should keep it and plan your next purchase around a light color bag. By the way, what's the name of this bag? Does it comes in other colors and is the chain adjustable? :cool: