keep or get rid of?

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  1. sorry this is the second thread, i couldn't get a photo up on the last thread. should i keep this dress or get rid of? any accessory advice? i'm a US size 10 so a waist belt can make me look a little top heavy

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  2. Do you feel comfortable putting it on and then taking a photo? It's hard to tell just from looking at it. Personally, I don't like it, then again... it might look really good on you or whoever else has this dress.
  3. I like the simplicity style of the dress, but I'm not a fan of the material - I've worn that type of material before and it can be very itchy, the shimmer may fade off, and it often stretches really weird.
  4. I think its cute if you dont feel like wearing it out anymore, try dressing it down casually with a jean jacket and some sandals.

    Then again, whenever I find myself asking the question whether I should keep something or let it go, its usually time to let it go...
  5. perfect will put up a photo tonight with me wearing dress. and i agree jeneen the material isn't great and not too keen on the thick straps but for some reason don't want to get rid of it:biggrin:
  6. also should add i bought it a year ago and have never worn it out so i really should decide if i'm going to get rid of it, my poor wardrobe is heaving as it is
  7. Keep it
  8. To make it more casual, you could wear a white turtleneck underneath the dress. Add some brown boots and textured stockings for a winter look.

    For now, you could wear it with a cardigan in a neutral color and some gladiators.

    For dressy, wear it by itself or with a dressy shawl/shrug with a pair of cute gold or nude strappy sandals/pumps.
  9. ok here is it on, i'm just not so sure about the material falls

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  10. and with a belt

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  11. I think it looks better without the belt.
  12. I don't like the material at all...
  13. The material looks cheap, the color isn't great, and the cut is shapeless. Get rid of!
  14. Yep. The belt is too big and emphasizes your bust in the wrong way. If you want to keep the dress, either wear it without the belt or get a skinny one that would work better.
  15. I don't think the colour of the dress matches your skin tone. I would get rid of it.