keep or exchange? opinions please!

  1. so the boy bought me a pair of shoes and he generally has good shoe taste as i've loved most of what he has gotten me in the past :love: however, i've never had a pair remotely like this and just want to know, are they too trendy or do they look strange? should i keep them and what can i pair them with? i teeter-totter between loving them and not loving them as much haha :s

    sorry if there's a bit of a pic overload, i just can't decide :confused1:




  2. Not sure if I like the shoes...but I like your legs!! lol
  3. ^haha thank you :flowers: and that's me too, i'm in limbo about them, i just don't know!
  4. Sorry I don't like them much either - they look a bit big too for you?

    Agree with oo_let_me_see though, nice legs, but nicer shoes would show them off better!

  5. I'm not terribly fond of the them, but it's awfully nice that he bought you shoes! I keep hinting to dh, but he doesn't get it!
  6. it's my regular size but yeah, i see what you mean. i hate exchanging stuff he gets me, especially if he chooses it :sad:
  7. thanks for your opinion and i think you should find a way to show your dh how the right pair of shoes can make all the difference and then he should go out and get you a smoking hot pair! :yes:
  8. Maybe you could say you are exchanging for a smaller size but then come home with a different pair and say they were sold out?

    lol xxx
  9. ^poshchick, that actually sound slike a pretty good idea haha, unless he insists on coming with me to exchange them as he has the receipt. but i think hopefully he won't be too hurt and will be happy if i'm happier with another pair? haha :smile:
  10. I'm with Poshchick - definitely exchange and come home with a pair so sexy he'll be glad you did ;)
  11. Just get a pair of killer heels and ahem, well, you know... ;) and he'll soon forget about you exchanging them lol x
  12. Try to exchange them.
  13. Not really my style. So I would vote exchange.
  14. I would exchange them
  15. I would exchange them too. Something looks off.. i'm not sure if it's the style or the gold color not really going with your skin tone :shrugs: