Keep or exchange for these bags

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  1. I'm not sure if I look overwhelmed by this bag. It's almost like the LV Neverfull my SA suggested these two as a exchange plus some additional funds


    Or the original bag ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398093828.881326.jpg

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  2. I think that bag is beautiful! It's more a shopping bag for me. If you like a bag for every occasion I would go for a Medium Veneta. You can wear it for every day but also for dinners.

  3. Since it's only a store credit I have a lot to use that's why the other choices

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  4. I have all 3 of those styles and I love all of them but on my 5'2" frame, the large Rete tote that you bought is too large for me to carry as a purse. I use it mainly for shopping and traveling and sometimes for toting client files to work. The Veneta hobo is so iconic and it is very versatile-I love the large because it holds a fair amount of my "stuff". The Bella bag is also a great bag, especially in one of the bright seasonal colors (I have it in violet from several seasons ago). You might also consider the Parachute which happens to be one of my favorite BV bags:

    For me the Parachute straps are long enough to carry on my shoulders and short enough that I can still carry it as a satchel. Because it opens wide, it's also easier to get things in and out of than the other two bags; I like it for work. It holds more than the Veneta and Bella bags. I think the Parchute and the Bella bags are about the same price (give or take).

    If you don't want to outlay additional funds, you can get one of the above mentioned bags and then the small nappa crossbody which cost $1350.

    I love this crossbody in black--it can be casual and yet it looks dressy enough for going out to dinner. It's also great for traveling and vacationing. I'm all about hands-free nowadays.

    Good luck on your decision. :smile:
  5. The Bella is a great bag, but it is an open bag.

  6. It has a hidden magnetic closure and the hobo looks great as well. I'm spending way too much money

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  7. I had written in your reveal that I found the Rete large for everyday use. It doesn't look like it overwhelms you but I can appreciate the notion that you think it's big.

    When one spends this much money on a bag, you should be really happy. And so for that reason alone, I'd return it. Are you able to take the store credit and sit tight for 5-6 weeks? I write this because BV tends to have a sale in late May and then you could look at more options with in the allottment of your credit. And it doesn't seem like your heart is set on something else and I fear you'd be settling a bit.
  8. The rete looks great on you but I can understand your concern regarding the size...I found it to be LARGE as well.
    The bella is my favorite bag so I would go for that one for everyday use and use the balance of the funds for a new wallet,cosmetic case, etc. The bella fits perfectly on the shoulder with or without a coat. It can hold a lot! I saw someone today with the nero and it looked beautiful on her.
  9. Im leaning towards the Bella in the same blue color and a cross body which I do not have in Walnut....there is one bag not on the site that I saw at the boutique (pic) tomorrow in that same blue is sore leather with texture on the sides and a removable strap for shoulder or cross body it is full closure.....decisions decisions
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    I have the small cross body in the junior color( it doesn't sound like the one you are looking at) as well as the Bella and I love them both!
    Another bag to try would be the memory tote in blue. It is shorter and less deep than the rete tote and a little pricier too. I struggled with the same decisions and finally decided on the memory tote in blue and I am very happy with the size and the way it feels on my shoulder. It took some getting used to though.
    We must have the same great taste in bags! Good Luck.

  11. This is the other bag in consideration ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398267048.563603.jpg

    Or the Bella

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  12. Another view ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398267384.100976.jpg

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  13. The most recent one you've posted is a beauty. I'm normally not a fan of compartment bags but this is quite striking.

  14. I actually went with the Bella and a cross body. The recent pic the strap is only cross body and hangs down to your calf area

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  15. Congrats! I hope you love the Bella bag!