Keep or Ditch the 227 Reissue?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I currently have a 227 black reisuue which i rarely use.

    When i first bought the bag 1.5 year ago, my plan was to buy a M/L classic bag about 2years later. Now that its almost 2 years, i find that I cnt afford another classic flap.

    I am now thinking of selling my 227 reissue & get a M/L, or keep the 227 reissue and use it more often...

    I would like to know how u girls think? what are your preferences? I can't decide!!! its tough, sell or keep?
  2. i found myself use 227 more often than ml because it can be used both day and nite. ml is too small for's better to ask urself when u usually use it and how much u normally carry
  3. m/l is too small for daily use though it can be a great evening bag. Unless you only carry very few stuff with you daily, I can imagine you'll use m/l even less often and you'll ask yourself if you should sell it later.
  4. ^This :yes:

    The m/l exasperates me with how little it holds, the 227 is by far a much more user-friendly size!
  5. I may be the sole dissenting voice. But, I find the 227 (and the jumbo) too big for my taste. The 226 and the M/L fits me perfectly. It depends on how and when you intend to use it.
  6. I recommend trying to use the bag you have more often. See how it goes. If it's not working out, then replace it with a m/l.
  7. I would totally keep the 227! The size is great for every day and well, they are just amazing!!
  8. ladies, thanks so much for the reply! really appreciate it! btw, may i know if M/L is single or double flap?

  9. Double
  10. Keep. 227 is my favorite size and can hold a lot. I found M/L is too small for daily use. But if you're looking for an evening bag, M/L might be a good choice. If reissue is not your style, maybe looking into GST or some other tote versions? They tend to be more affordable than flaps. HTH! :smile:
  11. I myself prefer the reissue flap over the classic flap anytime...I use my reissue flap more often that my classic flap.

    But if you're not going to use it and it will just sit in the closet, sell it to fund the m/l flap. The price for both reissue and classic flap is insane now...

    Also, the m/l is def too small for everyday use... I only use it for dinner/evening nightout. I use my 226 reissue for day use and it fits all my essential. HTH & GL with watever you decide ;)
  12. What do you carry and plan on using it for? How often do you plan on carrying the bag? Is it going to work with you or only for weekends and evenings?

    The m/l is good if you don't carry much at makeup...very small wallet... I myself find it way too small for my needs. Instead of an m/l maybe consider the east/west? It fits more and it's less expensive than the m/l (like $1,000 less) and doesn't have the extra flap that takes up space.

    I love the 227 and it can carry more (and more versatile)...great for day, weekends, nice dinner nights...even for weddings....but I wouldn't use for formal black tie (but that's your call).
  13. I know I'm in the minority here but I use my m/l flap during the day all the time. That being said, all I carry is my cell phone, my keys, a lv change purse/key ring that I use as a wallet, lip gloss, a compact, and my aviator sunglasses. For me I made the decision based on the fact that I didn't like the way the jumbo (or 227) looked on me, and so I made the decision to carry less in order to make the m/l work. Now I've gotten used to carrying less and I realize that I never needed half the stuff I carried in my larger bags. However, if you have kids or really need the extra space then I doubt you'll really get much use out of the m/l. SO if you just aesthetically like the look of the m/l bag, think about if you can live with carrying less. Or, think about getting a jumbo. It doesn't look that different that the m/l but it is comparable in size to the 227. Just my two cents!
  14. Littlebonbon, if you don't mind me asking. Which kind of 227 Reissue do you own? I just went through this dilemma with my sister about whether to buy the distressed 227 reissue with gold or ruthenium hardware. She decided on the ruthenium. I'd say keep it since you have so much more room for your things. But I completely understand wanting a change :smile:
  15. I had the same dilemma too. I have the 227 with me now, although it looks a little big for me, I have to agree with the rest here that it does hold much more things.

    M/L would look like a prefect size on most people here albeit it can only hold limited items. Try to take 227 out for a walk and see if it really suits you, if it doesn't then sell it away to fund for the one you love. To me, it just doesn't make sense to store a few thousand dollars bag in the closet waiting for it to grow "old"... :shrugs: