Keep One or Get Two

  1. I'm really thinking of returning the black Gucci (definitely keeping the tan though, gorgeous). In that case, I could get the Bayswater and Batignolles. What would you do? Thanks Guys!
    cl_hb_114900_A0N0G_1000-thumb_on.jpg oakbays.jpg p10885631_ph_hero.jpg
  2. Well, I won't be the one to talk you out of the Batignolles! :P I love mine. I like that Bayswater too.
  3. LOVE the Batignolles! {and the Gucci though}
    I still have a little remorse over choosing my Gucci cargo over the Batignolles :sad:
  4. I looove the Gucci, I find it sleek and very feminine. The batignolles seems more professional though, I guess it depends on where you plan to be using it most !
  5. i totally would go for the LV :amuse:
  6. keep the gucci!

    ...or sell it to me!
  7. i say keep the gucci. that's a hot bag.
  8. is that gucci.. from leather? (i couldnt tell cause the pic was small)..
    but if it was (black) & (leather).. then i'd say keep it!! :love: it looks soo nice!! and u can always get the LV later:amuse:
  9. Keep one and get two!!!
  10. I think choose teh Gucci, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
  11. I'd keep the Gucci and I've got a huge practical streak--just see my recent post, hahaha.

    I think the beauty and quality of the Gucci outshines the two bags...
  12. i really like the gucci and like others have said, you can get the lv later! i'm not sure how i feel about the bayswater just yet
  13. I really like the Gucci....:love: :love: :love:
  14. i love the gucci! keep it!:love:
  15. I would say that it depends on how many bags you have now. I like the Gucci hands down the best and would love to have that bag, but for me, I am trying to build a nice handbag wardrobe first then when I have a nice assortment of bags, I can go slower and purchse more expensive bags. Does that make sence> If these wer your only bags or your first high end bags then I would get the 2, but if you have several bags, then I would be more selective and go with the gucci, of course if you don't have to budget yourself then go for the gucci now and get the others later!