Keep-on-Walking – My Reveal and Preparing and Care before and after Use

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  1. lanit - we must have been separated by birth, you have taken thwe words right out of my mouth.

    Holsby - many congratulations on your Jumping/Kelly boots, they are adorable on you and will be a perfect match with the Kelly. Let us know how warm they are in the cold winter weather and I wonder whether you need sheepskin liners? 10/10 for these!
  2. Beautiful boots! Congratulations!
  3. Congrats Holsby! we'll be twins very soon... :hugs:
  4. Oh Holsby - these will look amazing with your gorgeous shawls and that lovely kelly - congratulations!

    I think all black box ones are (didn't notice until I took a closer look at mine!)
  5. Holsby, I absolutely adore your jumping boots and kelly...both would be my ideal choices, but alas, the boots won't fit on my calves! :sad: I think both of your choices are supremely elegant...enjoy them in good health! :flowers:
  6. Holsby, congrats!!! I love your style! They look great on you!
  7. Holsby congrats on your jumping boots, and with ruthenium HW "to boot"!! I think I like 'em with ruthenium better ;) Enjoy and they look fab with your Kelly!
  8. Congrats on your gorgeous boots!! I love your reveals/posts -- you have fabulous style :smile:
  9. jperiwinkle – I think you enjoyed my thread ;)

    pamella – Thank you dear pamella! The soles are necessary! First outing it was raining a little. I felt safe walking with the soles as protection.

    Lyanna Stark – Welcome back! I’m glad you appreciated my pictures.

    Deborah – Enjoy your teeth! December is not far away.

    Sus - :smile:

    lulilu – That’s a nice thing to say, thanks!

    **Chanel** - Thank you very much!

    – Thank you for your comment!
    Lovely 70 scarf in you avatar! The coming week is 70 scarf theme in the Scarf of the day-thread. I would love to see your scarf there!
  10. sushi queen – Thank you!
    I recommend the soles! First time I wore my boots it rained a little, and I felt safe!

    Hermes Nuttynut – Thanks for your nice comment!

    crispypritchon – :flowers:

    jessie – Thank you!
    This forum is very dangerous – makes you want a lot of things! Beware!

    madsexycool – Thank you! :flowers:

    KathyD – :blush:

    etoupebirkin – Thanks! This forum is so enabling!

    allaborsa – Oh, you are so sweet! Thanks for your lovely comment.
    It is dangerous living to close to a H store!

    tae – I’m glad you like my pictures!
  11. LQYB – :flowers:

    coleigh – :biggrin:

    lanit – Yesterday I went by bike with both Kelly bag and Kelly boots – worked perfectly! :graucho:

    Kallie Girl – Thanks! :smile:

    bagmad – Oh, thank you! I’m glad you liked my reveal.

    doloresmia – Thank you dear, for your nice comment! I have seen your pictures! You look great!

    – Thanks! :flowers:
  12. Oh my, your new boots are absolutely gorgeous Holsby! Congratulations!!
  13. Pepper – Thank you!
    I’m very happy with my soles! It was raining a little the other day when I was using my boots. Felt safe!

    Bienchen – Hello dear friend and thank you for your comment! :flowers:
    I’m going to use my Kelly Jumping only Autumn and Spring. It is too cold and there is snow as well during winter-time here in Sweden.

    miffy – :flowers:

    – Hello twin to be! :yahoo: Looking forward to your modelling pictures! :smile:

    Roo Cambonne – Thank you! I’ve just started to use my boots and I love them!

    hclubfan – Thank you for your lovely comment!
  14. gracekelly – Thank you for your compliment! :flowers:

    peppers – I like the ruthenium – it’s darker than palladium and not so shiny :coolio:

    Victoria – Oh, you make me so proud :blush:
  15. poptarts - :smile: :flowers: