Keep-on-Walking – My Reveal and Preparing and Care before and after Use

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  1. Ms Kelly 32 retourne black clemence palladium h/w and Mr Jumping Boot black box, ruthenium h/w. :heart::cloud9::love:


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  2. Gorgeous boots Holsby! They look great on you! I have a brown pair, and soon the weather will turn colder:smile:
  3. Congratulations Holsby fabulous boots :yahoo: I envy you having such slim legs! Your tips on caring for the boots are very good too - for any designer boots.
    Enjoy your boots Holsby:ps:
  4. oh oh oh!!! bootiful!
  5. Oh, so many comments! Thank you everyone! I thought that everybody was asleep all over the world and wouldn't discover my thread until later! :biggrin:
    I'm so glad and happy you all could participate! :drinkup:

    LittleMsPerfect - It was nice to read all your enthusiastic posts! Thank you!
    bluewin - You remember my Kelly! :smile:
    Lyanna Stark - Thank you for participating!
    Syma - Yes you were right! Kelly boots :heart:
    Graciella - I'm glad you could come to my reveal! Thanks for your posts!
    robee - Yes, the boots makes me looking forward to colder weather!
    glennalum - Thank you!
    kashmira - Happy to see you, dear kashmira! You know I've been interested in getting a pair of these! :smile:
    Ice Earl - Thanks for the compliment on my legs! They are very skinny, just skin and bones :P The bootlegs are wide.
  6. Suzie - Thanks for your comment! Yes, they are divine! :love:

    amberle - :flowers:

    lovelyKat - Brown boots are perfect for you! :girlsigh:

    Scarf Addict - Thank you for your comment! :hugs:

    loves - :lolots: bootiful! :lol:
  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts: Nice!!! Congrats!
  8. Dear Holsby--your boots are just lovely--love the ruthenium hardware, especially! Thank you for this terrific Sunday reveal!:yahoo:
  9. Holsby - congrats on the boots. They are LOVELY - and you look terrific in them!
  10. Congratulations Holsby! They are the perfect boots and you wear them so well. You will be one stylish lady with your Kelly come the colder months ;) Glad you went to the cobbler and protected the soles :tup:

    Oh how you are making me want these so bad.... :nogood:
  11. Dear Holsby I am sooo happy for you. The boots are gorgeous!!

    Enjoy wearing them with your beautiful kelly.
  12. omg so jealous love love them:love: they look great on you big big congrats:ps:
  13. oh dear, your boots look perfect. I want a pair so bad.
  14. Wonderful! Enjoy
  15. You Kelly boots are absolutely beautiful!!! Wear them in good health!