Keep my Trevi PM or Get a Tulum GM????

  1. purchased the Trevi PM, but I don't know if I LOVE it. I saw the Tulum GM and I was really drawn to it, but the salesperson sort of persuaded me out of buying it because she said she did not like it. She says that it loses its shape and does not stay nice looking. Anyone that owns a Tulum GM, does it lose its shape and get slouchy? Any advice appreciated. I am not sure why I don't love the Trevi PM.
  2. Trevi is one of the hottest bags right now, but for that amount of money you must feel the bag. My personal opinion
  3. That is what makes me so torn. I know it is the "hot" bag, but for some reason it just seems sort of average. I thought that I would love it a lot more than I do. I did see the Galliera and that looks like it might be a great bag too.
  4. Hon, always buy what you love, not what the SA like ... you have to be happy with your purchase, after all you will be wearing it, not the SA.
  5. Personally i prefer the Trevi over the Tulum, but i'm not wearing it you are. You should not buy what you think everyonelse likes, but what you love and know you are going to wear. Usually when sales associates try that with me i always go with my gut and get what makes me happy otherwise it will just end up sitting in your closet
  6. If you don't absolutely 100% LOVE your Trevi, get something else! Don't listen to the SA, lol. If you love the Tulum, I'd go with that.
  7. Keep the trevi!!!
  8. Only you can decide! Sorry no help..
  9. Decisions, decisions.... I think I will probably return the Trevi even though it is greatly coveted by many.
  10. I like the Tulum. I didn't know it loses its shape. My sister has one and it has kept its shape. But then again she has like twenty-something LVs so she alternates a lot.
  11. my friend's mom has a tulum and her bag does look saggy. it's still cute, but a little sad looking.