Keep My New Silverado? Sell? - Also: Color?

  1. I like the Silverado, but it's not really so "me" with my classic style. I feel it's a must-have for my collection, though.

    I fell in love with a small "Sable" (it looked yellow) Silverado on (got that site from you guys), but it came more tan.

    And I've read here that Sable is supposed to be cream-ish? The tag says Sable.

    This picture makes it look more two-toned, and I love that effect, but it's not quite as gorgeous IRL. It's still very nice and two-toned, as well. And the leather is buttery soft.

    Now I'm not sure if I'll ever want to carry it. Where/when/with what? I personally would feel perfectly happy just displaying it, as my Silverado fulfillment of my collection.

    I got a GREAT deal on it and it's a classic colour. But the great deal might mean I can resell on eBay, although it's still available on Diabro..

    I WANT to keep it, but should I?

    My mother loves it and wants it - he he. I COULD let her borrow it.

    More my style is probably the Blanc/Noir Trim, it's so sophisticated. It costs more though AND it's white.

    I think I'm good. So yeah, the other thing is - colour???
  2. I dont really like the colours especially with the two toned effect, however it is up to you - if you know you wont use it, return it!
  3. I'd use it if I go to Texas!
  4. I have never seen that color in a leather Silverado. I was expecting a sort of creamy, solid color with some pinkish tones in it, like the python version. I love the style but I tend to want a monochromatic look, not a 2-toned bag. But it all depends on whether you love it.
  5. I'm not in love with the color combination. Of course I own a rose and burgundy one so it's all relative. Perhaps you can sell it on eBay and make a small profit to put towards your Blanc/Noir Trim.
  6. If you can still return it to the store, and you are not sure about it, I would do this. Its alot of money and you should have the perfect bag, not just an ok one.

    eBay is risky for silverado's, by the time you pay your fees I really dont think there is much money to be made, so I would definitely say that the best option would be to return.

    The colour does look quite apricot/orangy to me on the picture. Of course its up to you what you choose to do, but dont keep a bag if you are not really in love with it would be my answer.
  7. Well, the picture looks MUCH more two-toned than the bag, so don't worry. I think it looks gorgeous in the photo and I like it IRL, I was expecting yellow though. Don't know why but I love yellow Chloes.

    I want to display my Chloes when not wearing, so is white okay or will it get dirty with no dust bag?
  8. sell it
  9. I used to own this bag but I sold it. I just didn't love it for some reason.:confused1:

    However, the color is great for summer.

    If you feel you *must* have a silverado in your collection, then get a python one, or the doctor bag. Those feel a bit more classic.:heart:
  10. I dont have a white silverado, the only one i have is python one but i have blanc color in paddy style, which is not hard to maintein, i had it for 1 yr now, and it still looks new and gorgeous. just becareful the edge, it might easy to get dirty.
    Hope it helps a little.
  11. Don't love this colour combo...
  12. You know what it's like when you think you don't know, then you disagree with the answer(s) when you ask?

    That happened here, I really love it and want to keep it.

    I wore it out tonight to a Jewel concert at Boston's South Station!!

    In different lights, the two-toned shows differently. I really love the dual tones.
  13. ^^ Glad you have come to a decision - as long as you love it that is all that counts!:yes:
  14. So yeah now - is it really Sable?
  15. Ooh thanks!