Keep my new mini reporter or wait for the trunk show?? PICS!

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  1. As some of you know, I purchased a mini cambon reporter and am unsure about the whole straps falling off the shoulder issue. I love the versatility of the bag, but am wondering if I should just hold out till the NM trunk show hits and maybe find a "true love"? What do you gals think of the look??? Thank you!;) Please don't laugh at my t shirt and abercrombie sweats! I am going to bed soon...
  2. I would keep it simply for the fact that it reall suits you. I have a bag from the cambon range and what I love about it is that it looks great wheter ur dressed casual or glammed up. Have u looked at the threads with some pictures of all the latest bags featured at the trunk shows? If there is one that u like more than the one u have then maybe u should exchange it. However, I personally would keep that bag if I were in ur shoes
  3. oh, and i love ur bag soo much i am thinking of purchasing one. I f u don't mind me asking, how much does it retail for?
  4. I suggest keep it and save up for next season. It's a great go to bag for everyday. I agree with cammy1, it really does suit you well. I love my large cambon tote and use it more often then any other bag.
  5. It looks so lovely on you! :love: Even in your t-shirt and sweats :nuts: Its a keeper!!
  6. It was $2625 before taxes...ouch:wtf: I got really lucky on it, it had just come into Nordstrom that day from Chanel and I just happened to call and see if they had any black w/ white cambons.
  7. I have that bag in white and love it!!!! I get so much use out of it - and I think that style goes with just about anything, and can be worn dresses up or down.

    But you seem are me this usually means it's not for you. You are not truly in love with it.........I'd have to say take it back.
  8. The strap problem may eventually drive you crazy. That's the main reason I didn't get the GST. Even stuffed with all my things, it couldn't stay on my shoulder, without slipping, for a reasonable period of time.

    It does look really great on you though!
  9. Can you cross one strap over the other? Sometimes that helps with staying power.

    That said, I have the large cambon reporter as well as the bowler bag. Quite honestly, the cambon range is great for everyday and any kind of weather. Consider your lifestyle. If it is casual, this is a great bag.

    All of my Chanel bags slip off my shoulder, even the Cloudy Bundle with the longer straps. The only one that didn't is the caviar Classic Jumbo flap; however, more of a pain than slippage was the extra step of the flap when getting in and out of the bag. I would rather have a bag that slips off my shoulder than one that is difficult to access.
  10. Honestly, this bag looks awesome on you.
  11. You guys are so great! Thanks for all the input :smile: