keep my kooba?

  1. I bought the floral embossed sienna from NM when it was on sale. I got it in the mail, and I wasn't blown away by it. Don't get me wrong...I like it, but I expected to just be floored by it. I was thinking of returning it and gettting a new Coach bag that I saw today. What do you think? TIA!

    Here's the bag I have (I had to steal a pic from eBay...):

    Here's the bag combo I'm thinking of getting (I would hang the little guy on the bag):

  2. I'm not too partial to the embossed Siennas... Reason being, they're so structured that they lose some of the boho-chic feel of the originals. I think you would be floored if you had a squishy slouchy leather Sienna vs the embossed one. I LOVE my Sienna, and it just gets better with time.

    The Coach combo is cute, but not as classic (IMHO) as the Sienna. Let us know what you decide!
  3. Thanks! I think you're right on the money as to why I don't love my's not as comfy as the other ones!
  4. hi

    i have the embosses sienna also. the more i wore it the less structured it got if that helps...
  5. i'm not partial to that new coach line and i LOVE coach don't get me wrong, but i think the kooba is more timeless ;)
  6. I'm a huge fan of the Sienna and have it in Ivory. IMO they "ruined" it by making the embossed one...this is my take on any bag I buy; if I don't LOVE:heart::heart: it, it will go back and the money will go towards a bag "I can't live without.." If you're not floored by it, I think you should return it..
  7. I think if you're not in love, return it and go for the colorful Coach bag with the mini skinny! It's adorable and if you love it, go for it. Good luck deciding!
  8. Thanks everyone! I'm pretty torn...I would love to have them both, but that's proabably not the best idea (financially, at least!).
  9. I checked around, and didn't find any smooshy Siennas. Most of the ones on eBay are bogus, and the only other Siennas I found were the pebbled ones on NM/BG. Does anyone know of a place that still sells the smooshies?
  10. awww, thanks for checking!!
  11. I'm sorry KTRKate. I know what you mean. The embossed ones never caught my eye. They are so stiff and really nothing like the smooth leathered ones. Even the pebbled ones on Kooba are very stiff. Maybe everyone should hang loose for awhile and maybe Kooba will get the hint and reissue some smooth leathered Siennas in new cool colors.
    It is a terror to try to buy a Sienna on eBay. I don't even glance at them anymore since most are fake.
  12. I like it :smile:
  13. Uh oh, now I'm scared. I too ordered the Sienna from NM on sale. I haven't received it yet- they just sent me the email saying it was shipped. I guess if I don't like it, I can return it.
  14. I just got that same bag last week. I do love it. I also felt the same about it being a little stiff but I figure with time it will give it. I totally love mine and people have been complementing me on it a lot!. :yes:
  15. Polos, I was hoping you would chime in. Reassuring to hear that you still love it.