Keep my denim baggy gm?

  1. I bought a denim baggy gm from let-trade in Feb. and I haven't been using it that much so I put it up for sale on eBay. The auction ended, I had a buyer and before the buyer paid, their account was suspended. And now, I'm having trouble deciding whether or not to offer it to the next person or keep it. I suddenly got really attached to it after all the suspense of waiting for payment from this buyer and then having them disappear off eBay.

    I was feeling guilty after having spent so much $$ on LV stuff, but I sold another bag and got back what I paid for it, so I'm not feeling that guilty anymore. Should I hang on to it? I was so ready to sell it and send it off without a second look and now I've been given another chance to keep it and I've gotten reattached, what do I do? :confused1: I feel like I'm being a flake if I keep it, but I'm having separation anxiety. Anyway, there's my long story. Should I keep it?

    Here's an action pic:
  2. Keep it, its such a gorgeous bag:heart:
  3. You wear it well, kepp it!!!
  4. Keep it! Sounds like that's a sign:yes:
  5. keep it! is it in the lichen color? if so, definitely keep it since it's discontinued. but either way, i think you wear it well and isn't it super comfy??
  6. sounds like a sign to me too! so keep it :yes:
  7. keep it...i love that bag.
  8. It is in the lichen color. And it is super comfy. I guess it must be a sign, as a lot of people are saying. It's a nice way to think about it. I was just thinking I'm so indecisive! Maybe we were just meant to be afterall. :heart:
  9. I just posted a want-to-buy in the Marketplaza for this bag! I'll PM you.
  10. I say keep it!:yes:
  11. I say keep it :yes:
  12. Looks great on you & summer is almost here. I think it's a great summer bag. It's on my "list to buy" at the present. lol.
  13. Hey, that's MY bag -- the Baggy GM in Lichen! I LOVE mine. :love: In fact, I realized the other day that I've been loving it more and more everyday! It is soft and comfortable and just so perfect for warmer weather and more casual dressing. But at the same time, its an LV so its classy.

    BTW, I was at the GRAND OPENING of the first Sephora store in Buffalo tonight and the place was just swarming with women of all ages (most of them carrying Coach bags, I must say, but many with LV's as well.) Anyway, as I was checking out, two of the saleswomen complimented me on my bag. I said that I didn't think many people recognized it. (Meaning lots of people don't catch the logo and realize it is a Louis.) They smiled and said they definitely knew what it was! One of them said she'd seen some of the LV denims in blue, but never before in the green and that she thought the green was fantastic!

    So... my advice? KEEP IT!! Unless clanalois really, really, really wants it. Then you should sell it to her and make her very, very happy.:yes:
  14. ^^^ what she said!
  15. I think I'm going to keep it! :wlae: I love that it's green because I'm usually wearing jeans and don't like to be all blue. And that it's not as recognizable because the color's not as common. Thanks for all the opinions!

    But if I change my mind, I'll definitely let you know, clanalois!