Keep Mini Pleaty or buy Keepall 45/50?


Should I keep the Mini Pleaty or not?

  1. Keep it, after all, its a beautiful bag and the color is TDF!!

  2. Buy a piece of classic LV luggage, you NEED a piece of luggage!

  3. Other bag suggestions? Plz post!

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  1. I am thinking that I dont really love the Mini Pleaty anymore :crybaby: ......Its been a week, and I think its cute, but not my style...I was talking to my Mom about it, and she said maybe you can get a Keepall instead. I thought, Why Not?:nuts: Only like 200$ price diffrence, and I am in due of a new piece of luggage :graucho: ......So what is your input on my situation? I really do need to do something with it soon! :crybaby:
  2. Well, I think your mini pleaty is really cute...too small for me...but still adorable! If it's not really style, then definately take it back and get something more useful. A keepall is great! I think everyone needs one! :nuts:
  3. I would change for a keepall
  4. Its absoulutley ADORABLE, but I really either need a piece of luggage, or a bigger LV bag
  5. Guys, I REALLY need help here!
  6. If you really need a travel/overnite bag, then get the keepall. If you need a larger everday bag, then why don't you get something else that you've been wanting?
  7. what about damier speedy 25 (in your signature)?
  8. Do you think I could use a Speedy 40/35 for an overnight/weekend bag?
  9. hmmm...
    im not so sure.

    i would keep the mini pleaty though
  10. I would get a speedy 40 it is so beautiful.
  11. you can use a 40 it's pretty roomie...
  12. I don't have either, but currently I've got my new Azur 30 stuffed with 2 t-shirts, 2 sweatshirts, two pashmina type scarfs, and an LV dust bag! (to get the folds out):yes: I would think that 40 would definately be big enough for a small weekender.
  13. i would get a keepall 45 for carry-on luggage and short trips! :biggrin:
  14. I would keep the mini pleaty since you will no longer find that color again. Save up for the keepall it will always be around
  15. yes! but IMO, the keepall is more versatile 'cause you can use the strap.