Keep Kirsten tote or swap for Kirsten/ Ingrid satchel? Help me choose! :)

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Kirsten tote (open top) or Kirsten/ Ingrid satchel?

  1. Kirsten tote (open top)

  2. Kirsten/ Ingrid satchel

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  1. #1 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012

    I'm thinking of swapping my Kirsten multi strap tote in gray for a Kirsten/ Ingrid satchel in a slightly darker gray colour.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the tote is a lovely bag, although I can't say how practical it is because I'm yet to use it. I just prefer it to have a zip fastening. It is also a deep bag and because I don't use purse organisers it might take a while to dig for items/ belongings. According to a description online its meant to weigh less than the satchel which is smaller in dimension. And despite being large it looks fine on my frame.

    The satchel looks interesting and it seems a little more young versus the tote. It also weighs less. I wonder if it would be too small for my frame and/ or if it can fit a lot. Apparently its heavier compared to the tote.

    Both styles look great but I'm on the fence. And this is where you guys step in. For owners of either style, what are the pros and cons? Does the satchel have a phone pocket?

    Here a few factors which might help your vote:

    - 170cm tall/ slim build
    - I already own a Rocco which is a satchel style
    - Usually wear jeans (colour transfer might be more of an issue with the satchel?)
    - Things I usually carry in my bag: Phone, sunnies (no case), reading glasses (case), continental purse, scarf, chewing gum/ mints, facial tissues, small zip purse for lippie, mirror, etc.

    Thank you in advance! :biggrin:
  2. IMO the Kirsten multi strap tote is better :heart: I love it and I can't stop wearing it :biggrin:
  3. I don't own either bag, but in my honest opinion, I would definitely go with the Ingrid Satchel. I like its shape better, plus its a lot less deep which makes finding things so much easier. Also, I like smaller bags. c:
  4. I don't carry hand held bags so not having a shoulder strap would be a deal breaker for me
  5. Satchel. I ordered the Kirsten and immediately sent it back. It's not practical for me. It can't go over my upper arm, it's too long to wear in the crook of my arm w/o looking awkward, and there's no cross-body strap... all reasons it went back for me! Got an Emile instead and I love it!
  6. I own the satchel and love it.. but I'm also short and never would have looked proper with that tote. It'd probably be half my height. Anyway, I love how the satchel slouches when I hold it by the handles. Gorgeous bag either way.. go with what you feel is a better fit for you!
  7. Thanks for the opinions. :smile: I decided to go for the satchel. It seems more practical and over time it might hold its shape better.