Keep it or take it back??

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  1. Hubby bought me the new Girolata in DA. I thought I would never own a DA piece but I fell in love. Now that I have it, I wonder if it looks good on me. I'm thinking it might be too small on me. What do you think? I like that it hits above my waist so I don't have to worry about color transfer other than what's on my shirt. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have grommets and the side seams are a little strange. But I LOVE the pick micro suede. What do you think? Keep it or return it? Thank in advance.

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  2. I would keep it. I think this fits you very well. However, I agree that the lack of grommets is less than ideal. If you think that the lack of grommets won't affect the usual wear and tear, then keep!
  3. I think it looks good on you. Is the strap adjustable? Do you feel that it's too short comfortable? Can you do an inside shot since I'm thinking of getting one too... If you like the way it hangs then I say keep it since it looks so darned cute!
  4. I think it looks really cute on you, what a nice hubby! But, I think first impressions of LV when we really have them do matter so you should go back to the store and look at things until something makes your really really happy! I did this recently, finally got the mini Palm Springs backpack and when it arrived after wanting it for so long I knew it wasn't right for me. Brought it back to my local store (ordered online because of availability issues) and found a bag I had never seen before the Caissa Hobo, and every time I look at it I am in awe lol. So I say return. The pink lining is also in the Caissa hobo so maybe give that a look
  5. I think it looks great on you. You have made me want to get it! I say keep it. It's gorgeous
  6. I think it looks nice on you as well...I like the bag can be cinched in or pulled out....I love the azur/pink combo.....if you are not worried about color transfer and wear light colors, definitely keep it and enjoy!! Your hubby has wonderful taste!!!!!
  7. I say keep it, it looks great! I thought the same about the grommets when I first saw it but then I look at how poorly the brass tarnishes on noes and speedys over time so I say it's good that it doesn't have them in my opinion. It's very clean looking.

    What a sweet hubby you have!
  8. I agree with everybody's good advice. I do think it looks great on you, great, sweet DH, but....I really like GeatGirly's advice. I love seeing choices. Take it back knowing you may not even return it (honestly, you are rocking it, it does look good) but look around & see anything strikes you. You may want to check out the website first for ideas but keep in mind not everything is on the website. Let us know what you did. Good luck & have fun. 🏼
  9. I think the bag looks lovely on you, I'd keep it, because it does look so good on you.

    I think that sometimes we forget that it isn't all about the bag; it's about the combination of the bag and the wearer. :smile:
  10. I think it looks fine.
  11. If it's comfortable and your style, I'd keep it. The DA looks nice on you and it would be a great Spring/Summer bag.
  12. I would keep it! Doesn't look too small, looks like the perfect size :smile: i have yet to see this in person, but you are definitely adding it to one I should check out when I go for my summer bag purchase!
  13. I think it looks fine on you and cute for summer. I'd just make sure it holds what you normally carry and functions for your lifestyle. I had a DA Neverfull MM (my first DA bag) for spring/summer, but ended up giving it to my college best friend because it was too small for my needs. I ended up getting DE Neverfull GM since I use my Lumi PM as my summer tote.
  14. Such a cute bag and I think it looks super cute on you, keep it!
  15. I think it looks lovely and your husband deserves a huge hug for being such a sweetheart, it's a great bag a I think you'll really enjoy it