Keep it or Take it Back?

  1. What do you think of the color of this Hamptons 10529? I love my other Hamptons and needed one a little bigger so I picked this up at the outlet. But I'm not sure about the color. Should I take it back? Please advise!!
  2. I love it-it will be perfect in spring when you want something light and pretty. The style is classic and elegant-enjoy!
  3. Does it work with anything in your wardrobe? I looked at your collection and you seem to favor earthy tones. What drew you to the bag? Style or color?
    I'd say, if you have any doubts or if you can't find anything to wear with it, take it back and get something you're less "iffy" about.
  4. I think it's cute but you need to wear it so to you is it functional? Is it something you will wear, or will it sit in the closet? :shrugs:
  5. That is a gorgeous bag and I think the color will be perfect for spring. I'd definitely keep it.
  6. I really like this bag. Normally I wouldn't think of this as my style but this is drawing me in.... but will you wear it enough to justify the purchase or will it sit around unused? That's what I always have to ask myself.
  7. Love the bag (have it myself), not crazy about the color. But the other poster is right, you have lots of earth tones, and you're a blonde (per your photo), so it will look nice on you.
  8. I love it.. style and color.. it's so different you know.. but it's up to your wardrobe and personal styles ;)
  9. I can wear it with black for sure. Even if I don't wear it often, that is ok as long as when I'm wearing it people won't mistake it for a large banana, lol. I just wonder if the color is yuck or ok - I love the color, I just don't know about for a purse, and my 9 year old daughter doesn't like it so it puts doubt in my mind.
  10. I do like like the bag . I like it with white, yellow and white striped and black of course...That bag is so pretty!!!
  11. I love bright and cheery!
  12. I absolutely love that bag and wish they would have made it in more colors; I think it would have been very successful. Love the braided detail and the pebbled leather, and the color would look gorgeous with black clothes. Of course, it's up to you--but don't be swayed TOO much by your daughter. My little girl gives me advice on clothes--and sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't--remember, she still thinks Hello Kitty is haute couture!
  13. lovin it.:tup::yes:
  14. I love it! I wanted a yellow bag similiar to yours from the outlet about 2 years ago. I didn't get it but have still thought about that bag.
  15. Hi Tejas Mama-
    Actually, my daughter is a pretty good fashion advisor. Her taste in clothes is really cute and she is usually right on the mark about what shoes I should wear (hey, I gotta ask somebody). She has already started her own Coach, Dooney, Guess, & "Others" purse collections (which actually I started). But some adult tastes she just does not understand.