Keep it or sell it?

  1. I just got this bag two days ago and totally loved it but now am not sure if i still do
    what do you girls think? It's small and so cute. But at the same time, I just think maybe I should go for bigger and more practical like reissue.
    (ok, thought about it again, two different uses means two different bags. oh no, think i have a problem)
  2. Can you return it to the store if it's only two days old? Why sell it if you can get a refund.
  3. ^^^ITA, if you are not in love I would get something else, but since it is 2 days old can you return it and get your money back?
  4. I think my rule is if I get a new bag and don't go nutty over it, want to carry it straight away..I take it back.
  5. oh my - the bag is so cute!!! but if you're having doubts about it then maybe you should really consider letting it go and getting a different bag. get a bag that screams your name =)
  6. I adore the bag :drool: Great find! However, if you don't really have a use for it, then there's not much point owning it since it will juust sit around! I say go for something you really want/will really use.
  7. i second that!
    i think if u don't wanna use it straight away, just let it go...
  8. This is my 1st Chanel ever and I am so in love with it. It's great for black tie function, or casual to chill out evenings... Mine is in black satin though. Totally felt in love with it. Sharing a pix of me on a casual night out.

    However, I hope you make a wise decision. If it's not love, then you can always get another...Hehhe. Good luck!

  9. It's beautiful!! I would keep it personally, and get a larger bag later. But if you don't love it, then return it and put the money towards a larger bag of more use to you then.
  10. i love it. its gorgeous but as mentioned before , if you are not totally in love with it take it back for something that you will love and get plenty of use of luck with your decision.
  11. for the money I spend, I would personally pay alot of attention to any hesitations I have over a bag
  12. if you really love it, keep it for sure. If you have any doubts, I would swop for something else :smile:
  13. Its a cute bag...But if it doesn't make your heart sing...take it back and search for a bag that you love...Good luck with the bag search....
  14. If you do not love it, then you should return it and find a bag you do love. Small bags are charming, but sometimes impractical...that might sway you to find something more useful for you, like reissue. :tup: