keep it or return neverfull

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  1. I ordered preloved nf and after received it I inspected the bottom and found this patch, seller assures me it was bought as that and that it is the way LV coats piping, have you ever seen anything like that? Should I return?
    5614A69C-AA35-4F9B-9C24-2D475C8728D2.jpeg 42B87774-CB87-465C-80D7-32BA8A75FB4A.jpeg DE0AF66B-F81C-4C7B-A9BA-923A2FA2D320.jpeg
  2. That is so, so small and so minor. Actually, I’d dare say it’s nothing. I never looked on at piping of my bags with a magnifying glass this way but since the material had finite ends I would not be surprised at this. I would not even find something like this on a bag let alone consider returning. It’s on the bottom. No one will ever notice. But as I said in another thread if you have to ask then return it if you can. It would never bother me as it’s nothing to me.
  3. I can’t even tell what the issue is here even after stretching the photo.

    I look my bags over when purchasing for obvious defects and have asked to see a second once so that I could choose between the two, but I don’t put them under a magnifying glass either. I do not conduct light tests or search for a single stitch that is fractionally different. I’m looking for good craftsmanship, not absolute perfection. That doesn’t exist.
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  4. Thank you all, it looked like it has been repaired to me since it is parch over the piping, it is not ending of the material but material stiched to the canvas so I asked for help here
  5. What am I supposed to be seeing? All I see is a seam where the piping ends.
  6. For anyone that scrutinizes a bag this way shouldn’t bother to purchase pre-loved! Go by new but even new isn’t perfect. Just my opinion.
  7. Exactly.

    You're seeing nothing because it is nothing.
  8. All neverfulls have this, there isn’t a way to make the piping without it beginning and ending somewhere. I have two, they are both like this. I’m confused as to what you thought was wrong with this, why would this seem like a flaw?
  9. thanks everyone, i have 2 MM size NF so I didn t know this was normal, I ll keep it, your help is precious as always
  10. To me, it looks as if it's been repaired... It does indeed seem to be a patch rather than an overlapping.
    Ah, just read that you're keeping the bag. Wear it in good health.
  11. If a detail this small bother you, how will you react to your first scuff or stain on the bag!? Save a bit more and buy new if you’re questioning such a tiny detail and possible repair. Perhaps it’s not a repair. Maybe in the workshop their piping was 2mm too short so they covered it with the patch. You never know the circumstances.
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  12. thank you, after reading all the comments i thought i was overreacting but it is not ending of the material it is patch,
    i wanted to check if it is normal for GMs since i own only MM size
  13. Can you compare to any others maybe in store?
  14. first LV store is 7 hours drive away so it is not possible at the moment, it is patch but material looks identically as LV canvas, it is sam color and texture, I just never saw LV does something like that to cover the piping, thats why I asked for your help dear ladies :smile:
  15. Can you ask the seller if they had it repaired? Have you had the bag authenticated?