Keep it or not? Plus some outlet finds!

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Keep the bleecker duffel in ink?

  1. Yes!

  2. No, return it.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Thanks to Suzzeee's enabling I hit the Vacaville outlets today. They had one bleecker duffel left in ink but I'm unsure if I should keep it or return it. It was a bit beaten up but after some apple leather care the scratches rubbed off! I posted some pics so what do you all think? (Please excuse the messy mirror!) I just don't know if it looks alright on me. I was also looking for it in brown, but I didn't have the time to check out the TJ Maxx close to me. I got the ink duffel for 167.99.

    I also got some wallets, because I only buy wallets at the outlets because I refuse to buy them full price when I can basically buy a purse!

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  2. I'd say Keep It! It's a beautiful bag, looks roomy, comfortable and a great bag! If I could find that in white I would buy it. So please keep it! :heart:
    and as for the Outlet finds, they're beautiful. That red leather wallet is gorgeous! As always, congratulations on owning these beauties!

    Don't you just love that Vacaville outlet? It's just amazing!
  3. I think it looks good on you! And I love your outfit! I agree about spending full price on the wallets... drives me bonkers! I like your duffle though!
  4. I love the vacaville outlet!! You got some amazing things there! Congrats!
  5. It looks awesome on you but keep it only if you are in love with it, return it if you find something better at tjmaxx.
  6. lol, if there were more votes than three I would have voted and ran off without explaining... darn it.. lol!

    anyways, I cant leave you hanging, sooooo.....

    I say return it. IMO its a great price, but because the summer is coming, I would want a lighter colored bag... something brighter and fun.. and the ink is more of a fall/winter color...
  7. It was a great buy, but I wonder if the size or shape is a little overwhelming on your frame? It may be the stuffing inside the bag, though!
  8. I voted to return it because it looks sorta big on your small frame!
  9. I had a Bleecker (sig) and I sold it on eBay because the strap was too heavy and very uncomfortable. So I say: return it and get something better!!! I bought the large carly and it is perfect!
  10. I think that it is an overpowering bag! If it were me I would return it
  11. Your Bleecker was a great deal, and if you will use it, keep it! I love your "haul". I went to Napa & Petaluma Thursday, but had to skip Vacaville due to time restraints...

    I would have picked that Bleecker up in a second, so I think ya did good!
  12. I vote return it but only because the duffle is kind of bulky. If that doesn't bother you then it's alright. It holds a lot, doesn't it? That's good.
  13. I voted to return it because it looks rather large on you. But on second thought, it might make a great travel bag?
  14. Wow - that Bleeker looks great -nice job with the conditioner - I think it looks good on you, but only keep it if it's comfortable - I don't have a Bleeker Duffle because I like the bigger one and it's wide and hits me right at the widest part of my hips and it just doesn't work for me. Hey- you bought the Heritage scarf I returned - glad you snagged it! I bought that and the oblong and decided I liked the oblong best.
  15. I'd keep it as long as you love it & it's comfy :yes:

    I'm the same way with wallets, I refuse to pay $200+ when I can get a nice bag at the outlet for less!