Keep it, or let it go?

  1. Hi guys :smile:.. K so here's my dilemmal.. I have a Stella in Thistle which I've never used.. It just sits in my closet in it's bag untouched.. My sister wants it - Do I let it go, or keep it cos it's a Stella???? I mean, MJ doesn't make them anymore and I know one day I'll use it, I just haven't yet.. Whaddya think?? :wondering
  2. Keep it, keep it, keep it. Or give it to me.:p
  3. I would let it go and get something you can't wait to carry!
  4. i say make some $$ on it, and get a bag you are going to use.
  5. if you need the extra cash or have a bag/purse in mind that you are definitely going to use right now, then let your sister have the Stella. your sister can enjoy her while at the same time, you gain something from it.

    if not, keep it!
  6. I would let her have it if you are in good relations with her ;)
  7. let her borrow and use it.. tell her to treat it nice.. and then ask for it back when you wanna use it
  8. i like Lunas idea!!
  9. I'm not sure about borrowing, unless you don't mind getting a used bag back. I'm always worried that a borrower won't treat the bag as well as I would myself. I say either give it to her if she's close, or sell it to her for a modest price. It's better than letting it sit in your closet unused.
  10. How long has it been since you used it? If it's been a year or longer, give it to your sister.
  11. I think that seeing your sister carry it might make you want it again (or at least I know I would!). So, I say sell it. Right now I'm on a quest toward minimalism (well, not in handbags), so why keep it if you don't use it and it doesn't have sentimental value?
  12. I'd also say sell it, but make sure your sister won't be offended by your selling it. If you're worried about wanting to use the bag later, then maybe take it out for a day or two and see if you fall back in love with it.
  13. thanks guys :smile: i never thought of selling it.. hmm .. maybe i'll see if it sells! never thought of that.... if it doesn't, then lil sis has herself a new bag :biggrin: