Keep Heritage Stripe or trade for Sabrina?

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  1. So, as most of you have seen I received the Heritage Stripe small dome in Kahki/pink for vday. My mom gave me a gift receipt with the purse and told me if I wanted, I could get the Sabrina in Cherry if I would like. She didn't mind. She knows I love the Sabrina style but at the time she went to get the vday present they didn't have one in store, but she wanted to be able to hand me something on Sunday.

    Now I dont know what to do. Keep the Heritage Stripe or get a Sabrina Cherry (or another color)? Any advise? I appreciate it!
  2. I'm personally not a fan of heritage stripe so I would definitely vote for getting the Sabrina!
  3. I would vote for the HS in that color combo if you like it. It's one of the better colors and it would be perfect for spring/summer.The one you have is cute! But if you think you'd like Sabrina better, then get that one. The Sabrina costs more than the mini domed satchel too, so if your mom is buying then it might be worth the switch.
  4. Cherry Sabrina all the way!! She is my next purchase and so beautiful!!!
  5. I vote for the heritage stripe!!! It is so pretty!!!
  6. I vote HS too. Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. I say if you have doubts about the H S Satchel, than go for Sabrina, you won't be happy with the H S with doubts. Hope this helps
  8. Sabrina gets my vote!
  9. Sabrina. Leather wins over canvas any day of the week for me. :yes: Plus, with the 2 strap options I think the Sabrina will be more user-friendly.
  10. I love them both and plan to get them both, so Im not help cause I vote to get/keep both. LOL
  11. Cherry Sabrina--it's a gorgeous bag!
  12. sabrina in black or espresso!
  13. SABRINA.. I want the Large right now myself in Teal or Black, maybe Espresso. Its so hard I know, best of luck!
  14. Agree, I love Sabrina a lot more, but it's all a matter of personal preference!
  15. Sabrina, no doubt! I have a Cherry Sabrina and LOVE her :love:. She's my favorite bag. Plus like greenpixie said, leather wins over coated canvas any day.