Keep forgetting to tell this about vintage exotics

  1. I FINALLY remembered to post this!
    A few weeks ago I was talking with Claude about markings on a particular croc bag owned by a client of mine. In the process of our conversation he pulled out an old sheet listing the various markings and indicators that Hermes has used on their exotics over the years. The list he had was totally an old-school mimeograph, LOL, and he said it dated back to at least the 1970s. He was trying not to let me see it, but I snuck a peek :graucho: and guess what I saw????

    Apparently Hermes DID make bags out of cayman at some point in the past. I couldn't make out what the marking on them was (if any), and I didn't ask for more details, but there you have it. Contrary to all we have ever thought, there do, or at least did,exist some cayman Hermes bags after all. Whether any of them have survived to the present is hard to say, since cayman is known to be a brittle skin.

    Oh and ps, he's currently on vacation so don't deluge them with calls today because you won't reach him. LOL
  2. I betcha it's a circle.
  3. So let me see, we've got anteater, cayman, elephant, karunga snakeskin, seal..........Cynthia, do you know if they ever did stingray and eel? I think they did at one time. Can't remember now.
  4. Anteater? Seriously? That one's news to me.
    I don't think they did eel, but I do think they did stingray (never seen one but have heard the legend anyway).

    And BTW I saw a non-H stingray bag the other day and I would have sworn it was beaded if I didn't know better. It was absolutely gorgeous.
  5. The anteater is, shall we say, an acquired taste. Need to post it next time it pops up. Another hardy leather from what I hear, with an, uhm, interesting grain.
  6. They did elephant?!! :shocked:
  7. I didn't get to see it. It was a very old SO that was being refurbished at the store and it was the talk amongst the SAs. I think it was from the 50's. They really love the vintage items because it speaks volumes about their product and is a testimony to the longevity and timelessness of their company. And also because it is so unusual that no one really sees them nowadays. A lot of leathers stopped being used by Hermes once they made it onto the endangered species list.
  8. Oh, let's not forget the beluga whale.
  9. Oh, I would love to see that. I've been collecting elephants for years and I'm almost as obsessed with them as H. Ok, maybe this doesn't sound too good since I surtenly don't want them killed and on my arm but.....
  10. That anteater is a very interesting look. I remember seeing two anteater eBay auctions.
  11. Saw a constance once with a circle. I wish I could remember more. I had guessed that maybe it was "wild" croc or alligator. You are probably right, HG.
    Love to figure out a mystery.
  12. I actually like the anteater. Unique grain to say the least.
  13. I really liked the beluga :push:
  14. i have seen their elephant skin, it is wonderful. what is a cayman??? this is my dopey question for the day. i know they do stingray, it is not too pretty IMO but others may like it.
  15. Caiman:,RNWE:2006-35,RNWE:en%26sa%3DN

    You can tell it apart from croc and gator because of the little spiky protuberance above the eye.