Keep Diamond Stitch or swap for a large Rock n Chain Flap?

  1. I am really diggin the Rock and Chain large flap after seeing it model on the board. I would love the large flap in red BUT my SA said that it was only made in the small size. Is that right?
    If that is true, black would be my next choice except that I have too many black bag as is. I haven't used my small black diamond stitch and was wonder if I should swap it for the large flap.

    What would YOU do? :shrugs:
  2. Keep the DS flap... it is a wonderful bag! and very durable. Good for everyday use. I have a couple lambskin ones and can't really make much use of them.
  3. Actually the DS I have is the small "tote" not the flap. I thought the Rock N Chain flap is calfskin and not lamb?
  4. I have the DS tote and I love it. It is the perfect everyday bag that you dont have to worry about. It is very durable. I think you might need to be a little more careful with the RnC flap. You really can't go wrong with either one.
  5. Rnc flap is lambskin..its very soft!! i ordered it and im picking it up this week!! rnc is more edgy ,imo, but either way both bags are fabulous!
  6. ^^ sorry i ment calfskin*
  7. Life would be so much easier if the large RnC flap came in red.
    I took the diamond stitch out of her dustbag last night and fell in love with her all over again. I don't think I am going to trade her in.

    I already have a black baby cabas, black 227 reissue, black diamond stitch do I need another black bag? *sigh*
  8. I love my black diamond stitch - I say keep it. It's great for work or casual outings. What other colors does the RnC come in?
  9. According to my SA at Saks, the black and white comes in small and large and red comes in small only.
    I wonder if that means Saks only order the red in small or was red never made in the large?
    Does anybody know?
  10. I love the way the rock and chain flap looks...but I don't know that you will wear it as long as the diamond stitch bag...if that's a consideration.
  11. KEEP THE DS! pleaseeee keep the DS. I love it sooo much more than the R&C, i think it looks better and probably a bit more "timeless" as well.
  12. Ok, I am convinced. I will be keeping the DS for sure.
    Most of my bags are huge so the DS is a nice "purse-like" size.
    With that said, should I still consider a black RnC Flap???
  13. I must have missed this thread. By all means, KEEP the diamond stitch. Its gorgeous and you'd regret getting rid of it. I think you should consider the RnC. Give it a few weeks, if you still want it, GET it. Black bags are great to have anyway. ESPECIALLY Chanel !
  14. DS all the way. Such a geat bag.
  15. I agree w/ you girl!!! But is the question for the FLAP of the TOTE? I love the tote too....:nuts: I don't know what I'd do..:confused1: