Keep Damier Zippy Compact Wallet or Get Sarah/French/Koala

Keep Damier Zippy Compact Wallet or Exchange?

  • Keep Zippy Compact Wallet in Damier Ebene

  • Exchange for Sarah in Mono, Damier or Pomme/Rouge

  • Exchange for French Wallet in Mono, Damier or Pomme/Rouge

  • Exchange for Koala in Damier

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Dec 6, 2009
Washington, DC
Today, I went home with the zippy compact wallet in ebene. This is my first LV wallet and, since I hate switching wallets, I'd like this to be my one and only. The big selling points for me were
- damier ebene which is more discrete and easy to keep clean especially for international travel
- lots of organization (10 card slots, coin pouch, fits my cell phone and/or passport)
- can be used as a small clutch
- relatively small size, which means it can fit my smallest LV (the croissant pm)
One thing i did NOT like was the zip. it's a pain to zip all the way around to get my cash, etc. I also though the look of the zip was slightly less elegant than the others though it means i can store my things securely.

I like it. I'm on the fence as to whether i love it. i had considered some other wallets...i want something that checks off all my criteria and looks good when carried by itself. Likely, i'd keep damier but the vernis grew on me, especially rouge and pomme.

- sarah - While it does fit my croissant, it is a little difficult to take in and out and My other bags are all larger and would easily fit the sarah.

- french purse - i have loved this one for a long time. pomme would match so well with my red alcantara lined purses though it'd also draw a lot of attention

- koala - i like the clean lines, the clasp, and the damier with red lining. I do worry that the clasp may get scratched easily and that the coin section is too small.


Oct 19, 2007
I voted keeping the zippy compact since I like its functionality :smile:
Agree with Asscher, if I didn't get my Emp Compact wallet, I'll bring the Damier zippy compact home..
It's a very nice medium size wallet, so keep it! ;)


Sep 25, 2008
I vote for "keep" damier zippy compact wallet.
I :heart: mine. I recently sold my mono zippy wallet because it was so heavy and just lost the love. Bought the damier zcw and I'm in love. Such a functional wallet. I'm just a big fan of zip around type wallets & coin purses.


Ahhhh...I'm falling!
May 7, 2008
I think the ZCP is the best of all the choices. I am surprised the zipper bothers you. I find it so easy to use and got the hang of it right away. I even have the Mono Sarah which is a terrific wallet but I always revert back to my ZCP as my staple. I think selling it would be such a hassle and you'll lose $$$. It's not that expensive either in comparison to other LV merchandise. Why not just save and get a larger Sarah instead? It's not that bad having two wallets you can switch and the ZCP is great if you have an Eva or smaller bags because it tucks away so well and it is so much lighter.

Good luck. :tup:
I re-read your first message. If you haven't used it yet and can exchange it, then by all means return this and find a wallet that you like. I vote for the Sarah because i love the way it folds and how nice it looks as a clutch.
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Dec 6, 2009
Washington, DC
Thanks for the responses thus far everyone. I just want toclarify. Thrr wallet I bought is the zippy compact wallet (approx 6.5 inches in lengt). Its not the zippy coin purse, which is a bit too small for me.


May 2, 2007
I say keep the zippy or get the Koala.

I had the Sarah and sold her because the snap would open up in my bag when the flap gets caught on something. The bill pocket in the french purse is too deep I think, it's hard to get the bills out. My next wallet will be the Zippy wallet - I love the all around zip for added security and it looks great as a clutch.


Jan 11, 2008
I would exchange it for the sarah in pomme or french in pomme (depending on how many CC slots you need). The red would be a nice pop of colour.
Dec 6, 2009
Washington, DC
thanks for your feedback everyone. i went to the lv boutique today and looked at a number of other wallets. I think I actually picked out the right one in terms of size and functionality!

One other question, for those of you who have the ZCW, when you first got your wallet, did the canvas seem a bit bumpy to you? I don't mean the natural texture of the canvas, i mean that the one i got looks like there were folds in the canvas or something prior to production, and there are small ridges in it. I think it will work itself out in time, or at least that is what the salesgirl told me, but i just want to make sure. otherwise, i'm going to take it back to the boutique and exchange it for another one.