Keep Classic Flap even though I never use it or sell?


That bag is fine!
Oct 17, 2010
How much do you really love the bag? If you could get a good payout, what would you invest in?
I have a few Chanel bags thinking of selling. It makes no sense for the bags to sit around unused with the possibility to resale later as payout offers might tank even more. (this is the convo I have with myself once-twice a year) With the economy and the dissatisfaction with Chanel, and the hustle to get Hermes...more people are selling their Chanels and the offer prices are not what they used to be. So really, think about it and use it for a few weeks before selling.
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Apr 4, 2022
I will keep it too coz the way the trend is now, prices are only to go up. Especially if its the only classic flap you have, might regret it later . Then need to buy back at an even higher price. Keep it if u dont lack any funds for emergency use