Keep chocolate doctor silverado?

  1. I need some help . . . I have two paddies, one whiskey and one black and a silverado chocolate doctor (not the large size) that I bought at the beginning of last year and okay this may be wierd, but the silverado doctor is still sitting in my closet, never used, with tags from a major dept store. I have no idea why I didn't use it, but I could still return it . . . I kept wanting to keep it because it was in all the ads (maybe that was not such a good reason) and at the time I felt lucky to get it.

    Any words of wisdom appreciated. I am not "attached" to any brand and own LV, BV and Lanvin.
  2. I really like the doctor silverado. :yes: But if you have no plans on using it perhaps you should return it and get another bag you like better? I recently returned some Chloe silverado bags that have been sitting around awhile. It hurt because they were gorgeous bags but I knew I would never use them.
  3. ^ Could she still return it after a year? :shrugs:

    If so, that's some return policy!!! :biggrin:
  4. Gosh can you really return after a year? That would so not happen in the UK
  5. If you haven't used it yet, probably returning it is the best course of action.

    I would think that if you still have the tags attached and receipt you could return it to stores like Saks, NM, and Nordies.