Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. Just got the first *significant* scratch on my box calf leather bag. Attempting to keep calm and carry on. It will only add to the beloved patina, right? Thanks for listening... needed to vent! *sigh*
  2. I'm sure it'll blend in beautifully with the overall shock & awe effect it will have on its day to day admirers :smile:
  3. The first scratch is always the hardest! Hang in there:yes:
  4. I see you are in NYC pop on over to the boutique and see what they think?
  5. Dear Ms. B:

    Sorry to hear that.....

    Glad the blemish will 'dissolve' soon!!!
  6. Honestly with time the patina outshines any and all scratches. You just see the overall glow that is stunning and almost blinding. I promise.
  7. Deep breaths...maybe a starbucks would calm you.
  8. ^^ I would go for a massage and a martini.

    beaumonde, hang in there! The first one is the hardest. You are on your way to a beautiful patina.....
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm feeling a lot better. It's only a surface scratch but why does it have to be in the dead center of the front of the bag? Argh.
  10. I had someone(on purpose) place a chair on the corner of a matt croc Birkin. It adds character, so I tell myself. Enjoy nothing stays perfect forever.
  11. ^^^ What???? :hysteric: :wtf: :s :shrugs:

    And they still live?? :rolleyes: EEEEEEK!

    I'm sorry too beaumonde - it is very jarring. I know. It will be OK in time, but it is upsetting, absolutely. Can you find a pleasant distraction? That will help. Then go to sleep, it'll seem less horrible tomorrow. Again, sorry.

    But it will be OK. The patina on box is blinding, when achieved. No worries (eventually). :yes:
  12. beaumonde, now you can relax and enjoy this lovely bag without having to worry about its first scratch. I carry a box calf bag nearly every day (Birkin, HAC or Kelly) and there's just nothing else to compare with the elegance of this skin. The more you wear it, the more beautiful it becomes.

    A word of caution, however. Please send your bag to Hermes for annual spa treatments to keep it looking its best. Some TPFr's condition their own bags, and that's fine for the experienced. They know what to use, how frequently to use it, how sparingly to apply it, to let it dry before buffing, and to buff gently. If you don't know what you're doing, do nothing.
  13. I had a bag very similiar to box and went through the same drama and griefs, until I finally gave up and just used it. Hard. For years.

    Then I stored it for over two years and just took it out recently. You would never, ever know it was used daily. It has a sheen and a glow I couldn't beleive. It completely changed my mind about box. It's hardier than you'd think!!
  14. The nice thing about vintage box is that you so not have to live through that first scratch.
    Some years ago I gouged my brand new box Birkin with my short fingernail.
    The scratch looked HUGE. Since I have tried to find that first scratch and cannot. I do not know if it just healed or blended, but it is not an issue.
    You said it best "keep calm and carry on"
    Congratulations on you new bag.
  15. My first one on my box kelly was the back of my left hand (ring finger) right across the front. It was sooo big it looked like the mark of Zorro. Can't even see it now. But at the time I thought the bag was done.