Keep Bellevue PM or get something in Epi?

  1. I'm still not 100% sold on my Bellevue PM- it's been sitting on my shelf since I bought it. The color is gorgeous but the size of the bottom and the sharpness of the handheld straps if you fill it up are making me doubt my purchase.

    Should I keep it or go for something else? I was thinking of an Epi Lockit or Petit Noe in Ivory as I don't believe these two models are going to be introduced in the new purple color. But are they boring in comparison to the Bellevue?

    I really wish there were more styles for this new vernis color!!
  2. Yes, definitely change it for something in Epi. Ivory or red are beautiful. The Lockit is so nice!
  3. Definitely go for something you would use more. What colour is your Bellevue? At any rate a red or ivory Epi as suggested would be gorgeous!
  4. I would exchange for the epi lockit.
  5. go for the epi...
  6. I think you'll like the Epi Lockit. I have the mono Lockit and I love the shape and it holds quite a bit!
  7. I wavered back and forth between the epi lockit and the bellevue and chose the bellevue. I think it's more fun and I love the color. If you want an everyday bag, get the epi...something occasional and fun, keep the bellevue.
  8. If you're having doubts, exchange it. I think the other bags that you were thinking about definitely do not have the same *wow* factor, but may stand the test of time better. :yes:
  9. Won't the straps soften with use? I do prefer the round handles but my Reade PM's straps are soft as the bag is several years old. I do love the color and the shape - so like the useful Saleya.
  10. If you still have time, give it a couple more days and if by then you still don't feel the love for it, then definitely exchange it for something you love!
  11. i like the bellevue, it's very parisian. the epi line is gorgeous, too, so perhaps a purple noe would be better.
  12. Keep the bellevue
  13. Epi lockit or keep the bellevue
  14. It's the violette Bellevue- prettiest purple I have ever seen!

    So those straps do soften? I've only had experience with rolled handles on hand-helds so this feels kinda awkward.

    Someone mentioned getting the Noe in purple, is it coming out in the new Cassis? My SA didn't think so.
  15. go for an epi lockit! I love the cute shape!

    The Bellevue was initially attractive to me because of the low price point for a vernis bag, but the shape seems so awkward, with lots of large flat sides and sharp corners and points...if you haven't used it yet, I think that's a good sign that you would rather have something else!

    The Montaigne bags are coming out in the new purple epi I believe - that's an awesomely cute shape as well!