Keep Bellevue PM or Exchange for Roxbury?

  1. hi ladies...i'm just really really confused right now and need your help/advice.

    i got the Bellevue PM in Pomme with matching Pomme cles with nameplate. i don't like the triangular base of the Bellevue PM, it's kinda bulky.

    i really like the Roxbury in Pomme. i've always wanted to get the Roxbury in whatever color, but i love Pomme the best.

    should i return the Bellevue PM and exchange it for a Roxbury Drive?

    what do you think, ladies? please help.
  2. If the shape is irritating you then exchange it for the roxbury!
  3. yeah if the shape is bothering you i'd get the roxbury , or the rosewood if you can find it. but i'd make sure to try out the roxbury in person...make sure it can fit your stuff and u're ok with the snaps
  4. it sounds like you really like the Roxbury
    go for whichever one you like best! and I love pomme too, great choice of color!!
  5. I prefer the Rox myself!
  6. it does seem like you're not too happy with the bellevue. nothing is sadder than an unloved LV bag! Do exchange it for something else you like better - try out the roxbury or the rosewood...
  7. YES, get the Roxbury. So classic. The Bellevue is nice but not as sexy.
  8. Get the Roxbury, it's more classy and timeless. And it's very chic!
  9. Absolutely, return it and get the roxbury drive. I don't like the shape of the Bellevue. Design wise the roxbury is more versatille than the Bellevue.
  10. Exchange it for the Rox. I agree the Bellevue is bulky.
  11. I personally wouldn't exchange the Bellevue because I think the Roxbury is way too small.

    However, it seems that the shape of the Bellevue is really bothering you ..... so go with your gut and exchange it for the Roxbury.
  12. thank you ladies for your advice...

    @babyfashion - no i don't find the bellevue irritating, it's just that i don't think i like it enough to keep it. i find the base too bulky.

    @sweetnet - yes i've seen the roxbury in person at the LV store and even tried it on. i haven't seen the bellevue in person before buying it. it looks cute on elux so i bought it.

    @djpimptress - yes i do like the roxbury, i've always wanted to get the roxbury drive. it should've been the one that i bought in the first place but the bellevue's price was attractive. lol.

    @bagaddict503 and LV Diva - yes i've tried the Roxbury in the store and i love it. i don't care about the size. i know the Rox cannot fit a lot compared to the Bellevue.

    @sparklemint, melocoton, atlantique, Jolie and MatAllston - yes i'm returning the Bellevue PM and getting the Roxbury Drive soon! yeah!!! :heart:

    thanks everyone :smile:
  13. Have you looked at the Houston? It looks great in Pomme ...

    I didn't like the Bellevue either, I did the same thing you did ... ordered it from Elux (except I ordered the Violette) and didn't like it at all. The Rox is awesome in Pomme too! I'd love to have that too but I read here about the snaps not staying shut.
  14. I personally like the Roxbury much better, so I vote for exchanging it!! And Pomme is gorgeous, you can't go wrong with that!
  15. Go for the Roxbury!!