keep and love it OR sell and get something else

  1. what do you do with a handbag that a boyfriend bought you and you have to think of him each time you use/see it, and it was a bad break-up? (alma):confused1:

    keep and love OR sell and get something else
  2. If you aren't happy when you see/use her, sell her :yes:
  3. If you want a clean breakup, get rid of it.
    And get yourself a nice new bag with the money :smile:
    You will never move on otherwise.
  4. I'd get rid of it. Is it a really high-end designer bag? Just wondering if there's a reason you'd keep it.
  5. If I liked the bag I'd keep it and every time I look at it say, ha, that fool bought me this bag!
  6. Close that chapter. Sell it and buy a brand new bag that you'll love and make you smile.
  7. You didn't say whether or not you love the bag itself, but since it brings up negative memories I'm guessing you don't. Life is too short not to feel great, so if there's something that doesn't make you feel great (like this bag), dump it for something that makes you happy! I was talking about the bag but that goes for the boy, too :smile:
  8. sell it! better than burning it since its a bad break-up. :smile:
  9. i dunno i have mixed feelings my initial feeling is sell it! get rid of anything that makes you think of him and buy something else and think haha i sold your stupid bag and got this one! :smile:
    BUT then i have a LV key/wallet thing that acutally was given to me by my X after he became my X as payment for all the $$ he owed me, it was his brothers ex wife's and he somehow got it and gave it to me (haha i know shady!) But either way i couldnt get him to pay me back and so i was like fine as long as its authentic (it was)

    And i use it all the time, most of the time i dont think of him cause he was my X at the time, but when i do think about it i think HAHA you were going to try and sell this for $$ and now you still dont have any cause you had to give it to me cause your broke ass couldnt pay me back! :smile: haha

    and i also think GOD DAMN how much i deserved this all throughout our relationship i gav gave gave and never got and so its my damn right i deserve this item even if it came in a weird way

    so it all depends on how it makes you feel if you can feel powerful through it then keep it , but if it makes you sad then sell it!

  10. If you're unhappy when you look at it then sell it :smile:
  11. I think it depends on how much you love the item. Can your love for the bag transcend your negative ex-feelings? With time, can the bag lose it's baggage, so to speak?

    For me when I broke up with my ex, it ended somewhat badly after we tried to still be friends. I kept a lot of the things you accumulate over a relationship for a while. Eventually I realized I wasn't using most of the stuff. There were a number of things I sold... and I donated some of the presents too which felt good. I knew to keep the stuff I kept using even in that transitional period because it was just mine. Just something I owned... not something that was laden with baggage from the status as a special present from him.
  12. Not happened with a bag but I've kept a gorgeous suede coat that a previous ex bought me. Loved the coat so kept it, not getting rid of something I like so much just because he turned out to be an A*se !!
    So, depends if you like the bag i suppose! ( several years later when i spoke to him he was suprised I'd kept the coat - but was pleased I had!)

  13. agree ha ha ha ha ha... that's what i do :roflmfao:
  14. It depends if you like it or not. It's a beautiful bag, but it has to make you feel happy when you carry it. I'm going to get one in damier c. for my 25th!

    If it was a bad breakup, it will probably make you unhappy, so maybe it is best to move on? My ex bought me a pair of silver T&Co teardrop earrings AFTER we broke up - not really my style, but I love them for the thought they express which is really - we didn't work out, but we want each other to be happy. If you aren't feeling that way about your ex, maybe it will help you to close the door, so to speak, if you sell it and buy a new bag, like starting a new chapter!
  15. I'd sell it and buy something new!