keep an eye out...please!!

  1. Okay after hearing all the wonderful stories from Japster & Orchids and all the other new buys...I am dying!!! Congrats to all on their new purchases...YUMMMMMM

    Please..please..please keep an eye out for me - I am desperate for a 30cm Rouge H in Togo or Clemence (something less dressy) and I am also dying for a 35 in Blue Jean (or the new Brighton Blue) with Palladium...thank you all for indulging me - I know you guys can understand how that anxious feeling just overwhelms you!! I have these on my waiting list - but I hate the waiting part :crybaby:

    ALSO - I have put down for an Hermes orange 35cm Birkin in Togo, Clemence or Chevre with Palladium for my sister in law - I would LOVE to be able to get one for her (or at least tell my Brother so he can buy it for her!!)

    So --- all you eagle eyes out there!!

  2. Rozz.....would you consider buying through a re-seller? Orchids purchased her Vif through a lovely store in NYC and Japster bought her vintage Croc on-line and mine is coming from Luxury-Zurich so the odds are greater if you would consider re-sellers. There's also Mighty Kismet, Createuers deLuxe and Monte Carlo Club as well. They charge a mark-up but thats normal for buying through re-sellers....

    My eyes are peeled for you here in San Francisco!!!!
  3. Thanks Ladies...I did see that one Japster...but I have never seen Veau Grain in person so I was worried it was too dressy for regular use - thoughts? I was also hoping to get a 30cm because I already have 3 35s...hmmmmmmm!!!
  4. Oh duh, you wanted the 35cm in BJ and Rouge in 30cm sorry.

    Yep it is a little formal but I love the texture of the grain. We don't always get much into the Chicago store, but I'm going to Vegas next week and I'll check there for you too.
  5. Thanks know what it is like when you need to scratch that Hermes itch!!!
  6. I itch everyday....
  7. ^^LOL! I know the feeling! I will keep a look out for you here in Southern Cali, Rozzie ;)
  8. I hope you get your bag soon! If I hear of something, I'll let you know. How about a rouge H Kelly?
  9. That's one gorgeous bag from Luxwear! Can someone please enlighten me a bit about Veau Grain Lisse? Things like, is it stiff/hard, heavyness, amount of sheen, and so on?
  10. Great taste Rozzie NC - as you can tell from my sig, the Rouge H 30 is my dream Birkin too :smile: Good luck in getting it - wish me luck as well!