Keep Alls--What size and what for?

  1. Ok,

    Since joining TPF I have "gone where I never thought I'd go before" in terms of LV buying and now I am about to make my leap into luggage. Before I do, can those of you who have Keep Alls tell me what size you have, w/ or w/out strap, and what you use it for (aside from travelling). I just need to be able to justify my purchase and don't want to get something I won't use so much (of course that's a dumb thing to say since I have about 15 bags sitting in my armoise that I never use).

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I have a 55 in Silver Mirroir - I use it only as carry-on when I fly - I travel about 3-4 months of the year so it gets plenty of use. If I had to buy another I would either get Waterproof Momogram (it only come with strap) or Azur 55 w/ strap.

    I regret that my miroir soes not ahve a strap.
  3. I have the 50 with the strap which I use for weekend trips.
  4. my husband has 50 w/strap and we use it for wknd trips
    do get one w/strap cuz keepall tends to get heavy when carried by handles
  5. :p rileygirl i like your saying ... that happens to me exactly after i have joined this forum

    for the keepalls.. i will only buy the ones which i can carry on to the plane... because i do not trust to check in any of my LV luaggage.. so my choice is either 50 or 55... but i heard sometimes 55 cannot be allowed onto the cabin if the flight is very packed / or if the airline is very strict... can someone please let me know if it is true?
  6. I had the 45 and it was too small for me. I love the 50
  7. size 45 is too small for me too :tdown: it is more like a uni bag or a gym bag for me...
  8. I just ordered the Damier 55 Keepall with strap. I'm gonna use it when I travel, for overnight and weekend trips, for the gym and for days when I have to carry a lot of stuff.
  9. Both me and my Bf have 55 with strap you really need the strap they get heavy, we only use them for travel, they fit a lot.
  10. def. get 50 trust me my grandmother has a 55 and it has had to have been checked wayy too many times... ohh i and i dont find the strap necessary
  11. I have the 45 with strap and have yet to use it, but it seems like it would only hold a couple days worth of stuff...
  12. I have 3 in size 45 and love them. Use for travel and over night trips.
  13. I just bought a 55 w/ strap on eBay. I don't plan on taking it when I fly, it is more of an in -the -car-trunk case for me.

  14. ^^ 55 is allowed on all planes~ no worries. It is the 60 that may not fit.

    I have the mono 55 + strap. I love it. It is my ONLY duffel/carry-on bag and I use it all the time. Other than that I use actual luggage for check-in on week long trips.
  15. Personally I have never had problems with a 55 as a carry-on. I think it may depend on the airline and the general mood of the staff. I am a frequent tarveller so maybe they are a little more forgiving!!