Keep-All question

  1. I'm considering purchasing a Keep-all 50 ( I dicided on this size since it can be used on a plane as a carryon) Which style would you pick: Monogram or Damier? I'm so torn because I have hand bags in both styles and love them both. Which would you pick?
  2. I have it in mono..
    I wished I had in in damier..yummier if it has red lining like speedy.If I have to choose now..I will go for damier..
  3. I'll choose Damier as well. Don't have to worry about stains on the vachetta:sweatdrop:
  4. Agreed with my partner in crime... :lol:
  5. Personally, I prefer it in monogram - damier just seems too reserved !
  6. As much as I love the Mono Keepall, I have to go with the practical side of me....go with the Damier! I don't know about you but, my hands get pretty grimey:Push: when I travel (anti-bac wipes are one of my bestfriends). I have to grab and grope my Damier Keepall through airports and hotels, etc., luckily the dark brown hides the grime! Whereas the Mono Keepall showed all the grime and wear and tear of traveling.:sad:
  7. damier. I prefer the look of the mono (although I love damier too), but I have a mono, and I've experienced what a :cencor: it is to have to be extremely careful all the time because of the fragile vachetta, so I wouldn't buy it knowing what I know now even though I love it:P
  8. I have it in the mono but I prefer it in in the damier for practicality.
  9. Thanks everyone, looks like I'll be getting the Damier!
  10. I agree :yes:

    If I had a Mono Keepall as a luggage piece, I'd be worrying about the vachetta, and setting it on dirty places (check in counters, overhead compartment, airplane floor, etc.) So I'd go for the Damier.
  11. I have in mono but I am very obsessed witch vavjetta so now I will buy damier.:smile:
  12. I am going to be getting one in damier very soon, the 55 I belive.
  13. did you wanted a strap with the keepall? damier 50 doesn't come with a strap but the mono does.

    just traveled with my new damier keepall 55 last week without any worries. so i am voting for the damier:yes:
  14. the 55 comes with a strap right?
  15. Oh no, maybe I'm getting confused!:shame: I do want the strap so I guess I need the 55. Is this size still able to be considered a carryon? I sure wouldn't want to check it!